State Fair Trip with the Boys

>> Monday, September 05, 2016

I took the boys to the MN State Fair last Thursday. We met up with my folks a few times as we were there too (they brought the boys back home after they spent a few days at Grandma's house, and then my folks stayed for a day at the fair). This was Henry's 4th straight State Fair, and Charlie's 2nd. But last year, the boys and I went with Mama, so I was ready for it to be harder to keep track of both boys myself this year.

I posted photos of all of our food along with mini-reviews of everything we ate last Friday on my "Root Beer blog." But here are a few more photos of my boys:

Two goofy boys loaded up at home. The State Fair has a free "bike lot" that is AWESOME, so we've
always biked there. Then we flip the wheels down on the stroller and use it around the fair.

Baby bunnies hiding in the bike lot.

I've always loved the DNR's fish pond. My boys did too.

"Dad, this sheep's ears are sooooo soft!"

Charlie deemed the ducks, chickens, geese, and sheep "too scary," but he was cool with the cows.

He buckled himself in and said "cheese!"

With my folks in the "farmhand experience."

Being goofy again at machinery hill.

Cooling off in the mist.

Again, here's my post on my other blog about the 9 foods we ate at the State Fair. No real duds, and some surprisingly tasty treats.

Back with some good running news shortly. Happy Labor Day!


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