Friday Funny 1155: Facts About Men

>> Friday, September 23, 2016

Be honest men... how many of these have you done? (And wives, ask your hubbies.)

I have NOT done #6 (stop time) or #16 (romantic comedies). Truthfully. But "yes" to the others.

And I have a funny story about #20. In middle school, I was doing this in front of a friend (not into a toilet but into the down-to-the-floor old-school urinals). Then a 2nd friend came through the bathroom door fast as he was being pushed by a 3rd friend. The 2nd guy ended up getting accidentally pushed through my pee stream. (If you know my childhood friends, I'm pretty sure it was Joe Schultz that I was with in the bathroom, and that it was Brian Koziolek who pushed Andy Munch through my piss.)

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