I Just Ran! TWICE!

>> Saturday, July 23, 2016

I met with my PT again on Wednesday. She noted that the exercises I've been doing 5 times a day for my crooked pelvis have been working because now I seem perfectly in line! I told her I'm getting more and more bummed about the situation because it's nearing 4 months of non-running, and my lower leg still has an ache to it (but the "sharpness" that I would usually feel after being on it a lot has been subsided 95% of the time). She now thinks it could be sacrum related too.

She's a bit stumped, but she told me I should now test it by running!!!!

I posted this on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon:

Joshua's remark is about the 105-degree heat index we had that day.

That evening started well because I had just the perfect poop before my run. You know the kind: not so hard that it hurts, but hard enough that it comes out clean with no need to wipe. Glorious. It was going to be a good run.

So (as noted in the Facebook post), I was to run 5x (1 min running, 4 mins walking). I got REALLY optimistic after my first 1 min run. It felt GREAT. There was a little soreness in that same spot on my leg at the start of my 4th minute, but then it felt decent again for the entire 5th minute.

So it sort of had mixed results.

Friday morning, I ran again. (The same run on the same route.) I had some "throbbing aches" really early that morning that woke me up: it was in the same spot on my leg, and it wasn't "sharp," it was just a deep throb that came on over about 1 second and lasted a few seconds. I had about 7 before my run. I was prepared for me to have to quit this run after 1 or 2 minutes.

But I got through all 5x1 min runs OK! Again in the 4th, I had a little pain in my lower right leg, but it went away quickly and wasn't back for my 5th minute. I kept having those throbs post-run, and they slowly eased up throughout the day. Weird. I don't think I had any by the boys' nap time mid-afternoon.

For now, I'm taking the weekend off, and then I'll be trying the same run on Monday. If it goes OK (like it's been going), on Wednesday I get to try 5x (2 mins running, 3 mins walking). That's DOUBLING my running time! I'll be running OVER a mile! Yay me! :)


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