6 Month Training Totals

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Here's what my monthly totals look like from the first 6 months of 2016 when looking at the "time" I've done each activity:

Jan-Mar "sports" minutes were all bike trainer (except for 62 mins on the last day of Mar),
some of April was aqua jogging, and the 15 in June was a stairmill.

That shows a drop in May and June when I started to give my injury TOTAL rest when learning it was a back issue and not a stress fracture/reaction. Looking at my training as just "distance" REALLY shows the drop:


That last graph is only running and cycling OUTDOOR mileage. If I were to take my trainer time and call that an average of (let's say) 18 mph and add that to any "actual" bike mileage, my TOTAL monthly bike miles would be 76.8, 134.87, 111.35, and 170.75 miles for Jan-Apr, for a total of 493.77 miles for the first 4 months of the year. That's easily my highest totals ever for those winter/spring months (and that was PRACTICALLY my YEARLY total for 2011, 12, and 13), and that's why I was extra bummed to not be able to have a duathlon season this year - I was REALLY ready to see what I could do on my NEW bike with some good training!

(Oh, and if I were to call my aqua jogging an average of 8 mph [7:30 pace], my April running total would be 63.2 miles. Aqua jogging is NO stress on the legs, but I was working my heart rate at faster than 7:30 pace for me, so that number might actually be more like 70-75 miles.)

Alright, let's see how much I can start adding to those blank run totals shortly...


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