Friday I Biked. Sunday I Swam!

>> Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yes it's true.

Friday I rode 14 miles while towing the boys.

Sunday I hopped in the pool and swam 1050 yards for the first time in about 11 months. My forearm/elbow was OK, but it wasn't great. I told myself to just "get through" the swim without being concerned for time. I was THRILLED to see my first 100 split at 1:36, and I knew they would only drop from there. My 2nd was 1:44. Then 1:52. I averaged 1:45 after 1050 yards while going at a "moderate" pace. (I had planned to go 1000, but I missed a split in there and one of my splits was actually 150.) My first 500 was 8:50, and my final 500 was a few seconds faster. But still slow.

My left shoulder got QUITE sore when I got out of the pool. I stretched the heck out of it for 20 minutes, and then it was fine. I lifted weights the next day, and I had to take it a little easy because it started to hurt just a LITTLE again.

So I'm not TOTALLY "back to swimming." I may try once a week for a while and see how that goes. I couldn't tell if it flared up my medial epicondylitis or not because I was on my computer a lot that afternoon and the next morning. (Computer work makes it sore too, and it hurt the next day.) The good news is that it didn't seem to affect my lower back issue or my referred pain down my leg!

A year ago, I averaged 2:54 for 9x200, which was about my split on the 150 where I accidentally did an extra lap. And in a 4x500 workout from a year ago, I averaged 7:26 - about 90 seconds faster than EACH of my 500s this past weekend. Trying to not think about this right now...

I'll have to see how a swim feels next weekend. I'll get back to this nice and slowly.


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