Hey Baby... Wanna See My Pelvis? It's Crooked.

>> Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So a bit of an update from my P.T. visit on Monday: the right half of my pelvis is tilted, and that could be adding to my issues.

She was bummed to hear that the last week of stretching for 2.5 minutes 10x each day was no longer helping. My lower leg is still sore (from some pain that's referred from my lower back), and my back is sore like it's been since 2013. Sure, I probably still have a disc issue, but something else has to be going on too. We went back to the drawing board. She had me do different stretches/movements to test things. She poked and prodded me.

She noticed one side of my pelvis was a bit higher, and that it was tilted too (to the front or back - I forget). She said it was subtle, but definitely there. I asked if this would either cause or be caused by 1 leg being longer than the other (because every chiropractor I've seen in the last few years has noted that). She said that 1 leg appearing to be longer would be a result of this issue.

So she gave me a quick new thing to do 5x a day. It's something that works the hip flexor and will help get my pelvis back down to where it should be, but I need to do it often because it will just want to shift back to what it's known for the last few years. The move looks like this:

On my back, working on my "off kilter" side:
my hands form a "wall" as I drive my knee upwards towards them.

And after doing a round of those (5x5 sec), I sit up and do 30 sec of adductor and abductor isometric moves to help "lock" things in place. At least that's my understanding of it.

So, we'll try this too. Back to P.T. next week - we'll see if these new moves can help by then.


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