Father's Day Camping

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I spent 3 days camping with my in-laws in WI this past weekend. Here are a few pics:

I napped for most of the 2+ hour drive as Charlie drove.

Henry helping with the poles.

Pounding in the stakes. Very. Slowly.

My hot bikini-clad wife in the pool with Charlie at the campgrounds.

Kiddie table lunch.

Looking for frogs!

Did I mention how much I love camping with my in-laws?

My in-laws and their 5 grandkids.

The whole gang.

Henry smeared some of his s'more on the picnic table,
and then he proceeded to slurp it up. #ThatsMyBoy

Charlie giving Baby Will goodnight kisses.

A peaceful start to day 2.

Everyone went canoeing down the Kickapoo River for 7 hours on our 2nd day there. Since Charlie's life is still dictated around his nap times (seriously, if he gets too tired, he'll start asking for "taggie, nuk, stories, milk!"), I stayed back with him as the other's canoed.

From Instagram: Charlie with the world's largest pennyfarthing bike.

I got Charlie to nap in my in-law's trailer by laying with him.
(I'm only pretending to be sleeping as I snapped this selfie. Duh.)

Meanwhile, my wife enjoyed this view on the Kickapoo.
That's her youngest cousin in the front of the canoe, with Henry in the middle.

Henry found some mud. SOME.

After everyone got back that evening, we celebrated Brianna's birthday with cupcakes!

Having more fun in the pool before bed.

Another campfire to end the day.

The day after we got back from camping, the boys and I hit the road for a quick trip down to Red Wing to deliver some artwork for an upcoming event that I was asked to be a part of. Click here for a quick post on my Photo Blog to see a few photos from that and to learn more about this July event.


Unknown 3:20 PM, June 24, 2016  

That one pic is a classic "Bae caught be sleeping".

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