Camping in Wisconsin

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We spent 3 days last weekend camping about 3 hours from the Cities with my in-laws.

Henry helping me with the tent.

In the dirt. Always.

Releasing the frogs (that were caught earlier in the day) before bedtime.

Bedtime stories by the light of a lantern.

On day 2 of camping, everyone spends the afternoon canoeing down a little river for 5 hours. Charlie and I stayed back because no one wanted to be stuck in a canoe with him for that long. We hung out at the campsite, and then went to nearby Sparta to go for a run on a trail:

It was pretty straight.

Our only hill was crossing a bridge over the interstate (which was eerily quiet).

More straight trail.

Some cool rocks along the trail. (The small one on the right is free-standing.)

More straight trail, but now with more shade.

A smiley Charlie at the end of 7.05 miles.
(48:48 total time, with the middle 3 at 6:12 pace.)

At the old station along the trail.

A quiet lunch with just me and Charlie at the campsite.

Charlie was back to exploring after his nap.

Here's a shot bro-in-law Jon sent of his Evie and my Henry in their canoe
(along with my cute wife). Apparently, they did GREAT down the river!

S'mores that night in his PJs.

Charlie on a morning walk with me on day 3. We'd already played at the park a bit (note dirt).

The morning walk was so foggy that condensation was showing up on my arm hair.

Charlie found some mud...

... so then Charlie got a campsite bath.

Camping was a great success with the boys. Henry LOVED everything, and Charlie survived just fine in the tent for 3 days / 2 nights. The 3 hour drive back home on the afternoon of day 3 was pretty quiet.

I just posted some "arty" photos I made while hanging out with Charlie in the rural WI countryside on my Photo Blog. Check them out in this post.


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