Instagrams of the Day: First Run with BOTH Boys! (We only crashed once - really…)

>> Saturday, November 08, 2014

Yesterday, I loaded up both boys in the Chariot around 11 a.m.

"41 degrees and raining? Time to load up for a run..."

Charlie was ready to pass out which is why we went out at that time. I did 4 miles (2 miles out-and-back) because I didn't want to get too far from home on a chilly, drizzly day with a 6-month-old. But Charlie was still sleeping and Henry was just enjoying the ride once we got back home, so I tacked on some more miles just running down the side streets in our neighborhood.

"5.72 drizzly miles with my boys in 40:52. Charlie slept until a few blocks from home,
and Henry read books and zoned out."

We had a little crash just 3 blocks into our run! Our double Chariot is "convertible" - we bought it mainly as a bike trailer, but you can pop off the bike arm and add on a front jogging wheel. Pharmie has went on a few runs with both boys, and she's noted that she likes the "looser" front wheel (than our single BOB stroller) because it helps with steering. But apparently it worked itself a little TOO loose, and it dramatically flew off as I was running. It forced the front of the stroller to pop up, and then it crashed down hard and scraped on the ground for a few feet. The force was enough to throw my gloves and keys out of the "caddy" by the handlebars. I jumped around the stroller to check on the boys. Charlie was sleeping, and Henry wasn't hurt, just a little scared. He calmed right down as he watched me attach the front tire as I kept saying "we'll make this NICE and tight this time!" He was ready to get going a few moments later. And the rest of the run was uneventful.

I don't think it's really any harder to run with the double Chariot than our single Ironman BOB. The BOB feels like it's built studier, so they might actually weigh about the same. The double Chariot is noticeably wider, so it'd be a little trickier to take on crowded trails. But it has a built-in "weather shield" (see the previous photo) which is GREAT, whereas the BOB has it as an added attachment that can't be neatly stowed while running without it - it was great to just be able to pull down the weather shield as it started sprinkling yesterday. Both strollers have nice storage (the BOB has more), and neither stroller gets in the way of my stride.

So I guess that's my "mini-review" of the Chariot vs our Ironman BOB. Here's my big post about the BOB stroller from just a few months after Henry was born - when friends are having their first kid and ask for stroller recommendations, I send them that link. Happy weekend!!


RobbyB,  10:56 PM, November 08, 2014  

I notice that the chariot handlebar is lower, which will make it harder to turn when the boys get older/heavier.

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