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>> Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pharmie busted out our double stroller for a RUN for the first time. We've got a "Thule Chariot Cougar 2" that we've used as a bike trailer a bunch of times, but never as a jogging stroller. (Check that link if you want to see how it transforms from a "regular" stroller, to a jogger, a bike trailer, and a CC ski sled.) The boys both needed a haircut, so Pharmie loaded them up for a 6-mile round trip run:

Loaded up on the (sunny) sidewalk.

At the barbers once Henry got out to get his haircut.

After 2 haircuts! Ready to head home.

There's a shade/visor you can pull down, and here's Charlie sleeping underneath it mid-run.

Back home on the porch post-run! Six successful miles with Mama!

Pharmie said it wasn't too much harder than running with our single BOB stroller (that's the stroller you've seen a lot of here - like in Henry's first 5K win a week ago). One thing she liked about the Chariot is that the front wheel attaches a little "loose" - it wobbles and seems janky. But as she found out while running, that wobble helps you to steer a bit easier.

If you're curious about running strollers, here's a link to a "review" I did of our BOB stroller just a few months after Henry was born. All the info is still true.

And in totally unrelated news, the boys and I made our yearly trip to "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" yesterday. CLICK HERE to see lots of photos of their sweet soda selection in a post from earlier today on my "root beer blog" - I totally stocked up. Here's Charlie and I watching his brother and cousins play after getting sugared up:

Back shortly with race photos from Henry's and my 5K last week. I just saw the photos and MY GOD I LOOK LIKE HELL! Guess that's what happens when trying to race a 5K with a stroller...


Shinianen 10:00 PM, October 18, 2014  

I thought I saw you! But I didn't want to be some weirdo Internet stalker, so I just said meh. I took my niece and nephew to the candy store Friday right when they opened and then we picked apples at Emma Krumbees.

Steve Stenzel 7:25 AM, October 19, 2014  

WHAT?!?! Yep, we were at the candy store at about 9:15, and then we were at Emma Krumbees from about 10-1:15! I'm sure we crossed paths! You should have said hi! :)

Shinianen 2:28 PM, October 19, 2014  

Totally didn't see you at Emma's. If you saw a woman and kid in Orange monster dash hoodies, it was me and my nephew.

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