Race Photos from the "Loony" Weekend

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Here's a handful of race photos from Sport Photo showing the 4 of us at work earlier this month during the "Loony Challenge."

What does "do not copy" mean?

Finishing the 10K nice and easy because the 5K was starting in 50 minutes.
(And there's Don, the eventual ULTRA Loony Challenge winner in front of me.)

Finishing the 5K looking a LITTLE more tired (but still not too beat up).

My 2 finisher photos from the 10K and 5K.

Pharmie finishing the 5K with a slight grin!

Angela finishing easily!

Matt hitting the line.

Those races were the first day of the Loony Challenge. Here are a few from the second day: when Matt and I did the TC 10 Mile in the "Loony," and Pharmie and Angela did the TC Marathon as part of the "ULTRA Loony."

Around mile 6 of the 10 Mile. These are 2 rare photos where James is NOT right next to me as I
kept showing in my race report - this was when he pulled ahead before I caught back up at mile 7.

Hitting the finish with a 5:29 final mile!

Pharmie was all smiles early on around the lakes!

Looking a bit more serious heading down Summit Ave around mile 22.

At the finish!

Angela raising the roof on the right.

Matt flying across the line of the 10 Mile.

Matt and Angela just got married 4 days ago, and here's some indisputable proof that they'll be together for a long, long time: at the finish of the Marathon and the 10 Mile, they both had their tongues out. That HAS to mean something, right?...

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Anonymous,  7:45 AM, October 30, 2014  

Steve -- As a photographer, how are you comfortable not only using the pix that are labeled "DO NOT COPY," but also joking about it? I agree race photo prices are obscene, but if that's what they want to charge for a photo w/r/t which they own the copyright, isn't that their choice?

Steve Stenzel 8:21 AM, November 20, 2014  

Anon, I think the whole system is absurd. I'd never show up to a wedding, take some photos of the couple, send the photos to them, and then say "now pay me if you want to use them." I make sure to link back to the race photo site so people can use/buy photos if they want. I KNOW posting their photos is wrong, but it's a practice that's just so wacky to me that I don't care. I give them credit, I'm not taking their income, so I'm OK with it as a photographer. (I know, it's STILL not right.)

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