Quarterly Report: Miles Logged July, Aug, and Sept

>> Saturday, October 25, 2014

Here's what my last 3 months of training look like coming off my ankle sprain in April:

July 2014

August 2014

September 2014

3-month totals:
- SWIM: 23,930 yards
- BIKE: 488.30 miles
- RUN: 211.03 miles

SWIM: My swimming dropped off because it COULD (it was nearing the end of racing season) and because of Charlie (I was afraid they'd need to come get me if/when Charlie got too crabby for them at the Y's childcare, so getting ready for a swim and hopping in the pool seemed like a waste if I'd only be able to get in 150 before being pulled out). Still, my yearly swim totals are looking good for 2014!

BIKE: Those are my 3 biggest consecutive months since before kids. Possibly even since Ironman training in 2007. Now I'm not doing ANY biking, but I'm 100% OK with that.

RUN: Umm... that's kind of a crazy 3-month build after I started running again in July (after spraining my ankle badly in April). In fact, for most of April (after the sprain), May, and June, I logged 6 miles TOTAL! That's a total over those 3 months! So to go to 40, 70, and 100 miles for the 3 months after that is pretty decent! I had a REAL big week in September of 36 miles, but then I backed off and got ready to race the Loony Challenge the first weekend in October.

STRENGTH: This was highest in August because I was doing a lot of leg exercises. I eased up leading into the Loony Challenge a few weeks ago, but now I'm trying to get back at it and keep these legs strong (and therefore injury-free).

I did 3 races over this time too, and coming off injuries, I'm pretty happy with how things went:

8th overall (2nd in age group) at the Waseca Triathlon.
3rd overall at the Lake Marion Triathlon.
8th overall (2nd in age group) at the Treadman Duathlon.

p.s. The "Charlie" swim excuse is slightly weak, and I know that. I don't care for swimming - what can I say? It's also a bit harder because we can only leave a baby for 1 hour at the daycare at the Y - it was 2 hours with Henry before he had a little brother. So a 1 hour drop-off means about 40 minutes max of swimming once you get ready pre-swim and change post-swim. So there's no time for stretching or core work. Totally just excuses. 


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