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>> Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nope, I'm not the one giving away the shoes. is giving a pair away (up to a $110 value) if you simply vote on a contest on their page.

I JUST got a sweet package in the mail. It was a box inside of a box:


Inside was a sweet pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes from

I wasn't wearing shorts. It was early when I took this photo...
There were no pants involved what-so-ever.

It was a pair of Merrell Trial Glove shoes. Once my heel is feeling a little better, I'm going to cross train in these shoes to help strengthen some small stabilizer muscles. And I may even do some SHORT running in them. But not until my heel is feeling a LOT better.

They felt sort of barefoot while walking around. The bottom is made by Vibram, and it's shaped a lot like a foot. I was walking more on the outsides of my feet:

Photos from

They only weigh 12 oz for the PAIR, where my normal Nike Structures weigh 11 oz EACH. They really feel different! So check out Merrell Shoes on You can look for just Merrell Barefoot shoes, Women's Merrell Shoes, or Merrell Shoes for Men.


If you go to Online Shoes Monthly Shoe Styling Contest page, you'll see this:

You read a few sentence story about each of the 4 runners / bloggers, and then you click the big green VOTE button under the one who's "living the Merrell Lifestyle best." Enter your e-mail address below that, and BOOM - you're in the running to possibly win a new pair of Merrell Shoes from Check it out.

Again, go HERE to the "Monthly Shoe Styling Contest" page to enter! I hope one of my readers wins!!


Ririnette 9:27 AM, August 29, 2012  

Open to legal residents of the USA only. Boo :-( They look awesome!

Shanna (aka Roobabs),  9:06 AM, September 08, 2012  

Steve, you're not going to believe it (in fact, I'm still not sure if I do). I am the winner of the giveaway! Thanks to you, because I wouldn't even have known about the contest without being a faithful reader of your blog. And thank you I look forward to receiving my free shoes in the near future. = )

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