Instagram of the Day: Henry's 3rd Longest Run with Me!

>> Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Henry's 3rd longest run ever with Dad!!"
(He doesn't look thrilled, but I think he's just thinking "WTF?" because I just stopped to take that photo.)

Running has been going good lately! I had the 1 mile race and the 5K just 2 days apart about 2 weeks ago, and after some rest, the distance work is coming back NICELY without any injury issues. I'm still wearing my "night splint" to bed 95% of the time, but the days I don't wear it, my heel usually feels OK.

Henry and I have been running together a lot. In fact, 100% of my miles since my last race have been with him. That's been nearly 40 miles of running, plus another 4 miles in walks. If you don't count my last 3 races (all of which I ran withOUT Henry - duh), Henry and I have logged my last 60.51 training miles STRAIGHT together! That's a good streak!

(And the most recent non-Henry training run was a BRICK workout, so if you take THAT one out, we've done every training run together since late June, for a total of over 86 miles! I'm loving our runs, little guy!!)


Steve Stenzel 10:18 AM, August 12, 2012  

p.s. Just got back from an easy 5 miler with Henry, so add 5 miles to all of those totals. ;)

KJR 12:30 PM, August 12, 2012  

So what age was Henry when you started running with him?

Steve Stenzel 12:52 PM, August 12, 2012  

KJR, I went out with Henry when he was about 6 weeks, but I took it EASY, and ran on smooth paths. Here's a post with some photos of other "tricks" that helped us:

Good luck! :)

KJR 12:55 PM, August 12, 2012  

Thanks Steve, my son is almost 4 months and today was my second day running with him around calhoun/harriet.

Jess 1:53 PM, August 12, 2012  

He is the ultimate passenger! Neither of my kids would ever sit for that long. 30 minutes is pretty much their max.

Sarah 8:42 PM, August 12, 2012  

Awesome! Way to train Dad, Henry!


CautiouslyAudacious 10:27 AM, August 13, 2012  

He doesn't look as excited as you are about this! :-) But like most kids I'm sure he will come to appreciate this when he looks back! So have you bought him his first pair of running shoes yet?

Laura 11:02 AM, August 13, 2012

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