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>> Monday, August 06, 2012

I was first turned on to about 2 months ago. It's a family-run site that sells what you think it'd sell: aqua gear.

Need some new goggles? Check out AquaGear.

Need a new pull buoy, swim paddles, or kickboard? Check out AquaGear.

Need snorkels and fins? AquaGear.

Noseplug? AquaGear.

Waterproof MP3? AquaGear.

Stationary swim training equipment? (Something I've been curious to try.) AquaGear.

New tri bike? Not at AquaGear. Try some place else.

You get the drift.

I ordered a fun, cheap $39.95 underwater digital camera from AquaGear. I still haven't tried it out in the pool (where the water is clear enough to get some good photos), but this is the camera that I brought with me for a couple of "in water" shots at the Life Time Fitness Triathlon last month:

An elite wave starting.

As I'm peeing. Really. I'm that gross.

A photo of athletes getting ready to start.

And I took it into Lake Mary on our family vacation (as seen in 1 photo in my last post) to get some photos of my cute wife and cute little dude:

I also used it to take a quick video in Lake Mary while we were out there. Being it's a fully enclosed digital camera, there's no audio. Even though the water was really murky, I still dunked it once to prove that it was an underwater camera (and I liked the way there was no blurriness right when I pulled it out of the water). Here's my first short video, and it ends in an adorable way as Henry starts kicking in the water:

I just posted a review of the camera on AquaGear, but my review hasn't been reviewed yet, so I can't show you that function of their site. AquaGear is a great little site for all your... well... "aqua gear" needs. (Duh.) They've been family-owned and run for the last 20 years. You can shop by category or brand, so that makes it easy. You won't find jammers or suits, but ANY other sort of "aqua gear" can be found at AquaGear.

AquaGear is generously sharing a $25 coupon code with one of my readers!


JUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST!! Yep, that's it. Ba-da-bing: you're in the running to possibly win a gift card. I'll randomly pick 1 comment to win.

Then check back this weekend (Aug 11th or 12th) to see if I draw your name as the winner!

Legal junk:
- Giveaway open to US residents only.
- Just like in all of my giveaways, AquaGear has not asked or told me to say anything. All of these thoughts are my own.
- When you leave a comment, please "sign" your name if you don't have a blogger account, otherwise it will be hard to figure out who you are if you're one of the winners. For example, say something like "It's Steve S. from St. Paul. I need a new kickboard!!"
- I'll use (or other random number generating scheme) to pick a winner at random.
- If I can't get a hold of the winner in 3 days, I'll re-draw for a new winner. So make sure to CHECK BACK this weekend or early next week!

So just leave a comment now to be entered! Do it before this Friday (the 10th)!

Thanks everyone! And thanks AquaGear for the giveaway for my readers!!

p.s. Scroll down to check out some of last Friday's "Friday Funnies." They're all Olympic-based, and I think they're pretty good... :)


Tap 7:25 AM, August 06, 2012  

I'd love some aquagear! Thanks!

PipTook 7:48 AM, August 06, 2012  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME! I swim like a brick and need all the AquaHelp I can get.

Purduerose 8:03 AM, August 06, 2012  

Try the stationary swim training, it is fun!

The Evil Twin 8:06 AM, August 06, 2012  

I need a new bike, but an AquaGear camera will do :)

Nick 8:10 AM, August 06, 2012  

I need a lap counter for the pool, so this would be great.

Jen from Baltimore,  8:22 AM, August 06, 2012  

I definitely need some AquaGear! Sign me up!

Jody 9:06 AM, August 06, 2012  

Yeah. A giveway your are hosting for something I'd actually use. I need googles! I need to start hitting the pool at the Y.

KellytheCulinarian 9:10 AM, August 06, 2012  

Can I buy something that will make me look like Dara Torres in the water?

Kelly Benton 9:17 AM, August 06, 2012  

I need a new pair of goggles desperately. Mine are all bunked with black sludge on the inside. Eww.

Kristin,  9:39 AM, August 06, 2012  

This would be a fun thing to win. Very cute video!

Elaine K 9:45 AM, August 06, 2012  

I could seriously use some swim caps. I keep leaving them in my car after practice and they melt in the AZ heat!

Mary in Crystal,  9:48 AM, August 06, 2012  

Count me in please. Mary V.

Joe 9:48 AM, August 06, 2012  

This is a comment. Also, this us a wish for a prize!

amjeso 9:50 AM, August 06, 2012  

I want a waterproof camera!

elizabeth 9:55 AM, August 06, 2012  

I'd love to enter! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and I always like reading your blog posts!

Rizel 9:56 AM, August 06, 2012  

cool!!! I would love to win!

Erick 10:22 AM, August 06, 2012  

Sounds Aqua-tastic. Count me in. -ErR

Scott C. Waukesha,  11:04 AM, August 06, 2012  

I'm in. Thanks for opportunity!

Greg 12:15 PM, August 06, 2012  

No Favre pics please!

Adam 12:19 PM, August 06, 2012  

Adam from New York! I'm looking to do my first Tri and need to get some aqua gear!

YNWA Steve,  2:00 PM, August 06, 2012  

Oooohh...Water stuff! Count me in! I think Mike Birbiglia put it best in a tweet this morning: "I don't have a swimmers body. I have more of a drowned to death body." Which is why I need a I can work on that.

volock 2:15 PM, August 06, 2012  

Count me in! I already have a planned purchase from there anyway (need new goggles)

sswoods61 3:52 PM, August 06, 2012  

Count me in please, Steve!

Life After Swimming 3:58 PM, August 06, 2012  

Nikki from Shippensburg, PA! I would love this as a swimmer for the past 15+ years!

Dave 5:29 PM, August 06, 2012  

Perfect timing, as I just started swimming again.


Nathaniel 5:37 PM, August 06, 2012  

sweet mercy I wold love to win.

Jan in NY,  6:46 PM, August 06, 2012  

Please include me in the Aquagear giveaway. Thank you. Janet

Ruby Leigh 6:52 PM, August 06, 2012  

Why of course I'd love to win!

Mike 6:55 PM, August 06, 2012  


I just took swim lessons for the first time in my 31 years of life this summer, so Aqua Gear would be great!

I figured I'd never get to that tri if I didn't learn now. Is doing the back stroke acceptable for the swim portion? Ha!

At least I won't drown...

Mike in Mankato, MN

Merrilee 7:22 PM, August 06, 2012  

Yes please! Love seeing all the latest gear, especially when it's used to capture you peeing in the water. sigh. Just like my 9 yr old.

Pedal Pushing Patons 9:20 PM, August 06, 2012  

What a coincidence. I already have a bike but sure could use some aqua gear. Can't wait to go shopping! Thanks for hosting!

Unknown 10:34 PM, August 06, 2012  

I could use some more aqua gear. I could use more gear in general, but aqua gear would be great. And you're saying they could help me with that?

Jan 7:43 AM, August 07, 2012  

Swimming is Fun! Thanks Steve for an entertaining blog.

SM 8:21 AM, August 07, 2012  

Thanks for the giveaway! Sign me up!

Carolina John 8:49 AM, August 07, 2012  

Cool! I love finding a good quality site like that. Good call. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ohio Triathlete 9:54 AM, August 07, 2012  

I just had someone "pick-up" my goggles and hand paddles. This would be AWESOME! Great Timing., please pick me!!

Chad 11:34 AM, August 07, 2012  

Always could use some new gear!

D Nyce 1:45 PM, August 07, 2012  

Pick me! I need some fins. :) Darlene from Holly Springs, NC.

Anonymous,  2:58 PM, August 07, 2012  

Hey Steve, I'd love to win some Aqua stuff! Melanie P in PA

Brad 3:22 PM, August 07, 2012  

I so need to win some aquagear as I'm injured and need other ways to train for TC Marathon.

Sarah 5:02 PM, August 07, 2012  

Awesome! I actually need an underwater camera!


SixTwoThree 6:22 PM, August 07, 2012  

Someone stole my kick board, even though I wrote my nickname "Minnow" in big block letters on it. Hope you pick me, so I can replace it!

TriMOEngr 6:59 PM, August 07, 2012  

I totally want a camera like that! At that price, I don't even need to win (but it would sure be nice).

Anonymous,  8:20 PM, August 07, 2012  

Awesome! I've been needing goggles that don't give me raccoon eyes! :) thanks, AmyD

Kazi 10:15 PM, August 07, 2012  

I peed yesterday while next to fellow triathletes... the water was cold and I needed to warm my mid section! See, I can be gross too.

moonsword 11:35 PM, August 07, 2012  

Goodgolly that Henry is a little Aquaman in the making...Go Henry!

Anonymous,  1:38 PM, August 08, 2012  

Steve, Please include me! Could us a new pair of goggles.
Clinton from Mooresville, nc

Robyn 9:00 PM, August 08, 2012  

Ooh, $ for a brightly colored cap so when I drown during an open water swim somebody can spot me!

Ironmom (Julie) 10:15 PM, August 08, 2012  

Thanks for the giveaway! Their stuff is great.

lenore_happenstance 9:57 AM, August 09, 2012  

Aqua running was recommended for my injury so this would be great timing! Thanks for the giveaway.

@lhappenstance on twitter

longrun4fun 2:43 PM, August 09, 2012  

I want my AquaGear!!!

Steel Springs 11:00 PM, August 09, 2012  

Great giveaway! They have a lot of great stuff.

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