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>> Thursday, August 16, 2012

We recently got our July/August issue of RunMinnesota in the mail (the magazine of the Minnesota Distance Running Association).

That's Olympian and MN native (well, at least raised in MN) Kara Goucher winning the
"U.S. Half Marathon Championship" at the Gary Bjorkland Half Marathon in Duluth MN.

Well guess who's name appears inside on page 5? Guess!

It's me!


But like I mentioned 2 weeks ago in this post, I think I'm going down. It's been fun to be at the top, and I'll fight for as many points as possible, but a better runner will end up beating me. Dang.

Still, I'm pretty pumped to get a mention in a magazine that features Kara Goucher on the cover..... :)


Carolina John 8:23 AM, August 16, 2012  

It's still cool to see your name on top of the list. Enjoy it while you can!

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