Wordless Wednesday: My See-Through Speedo Will Not Be Causing Any More Children To Go Blind

>> Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I just threw this in the trash. You're welcome.

Holy balls. Just look at how easily you could have seen my balls. Wow.


TriMOEngr 7:36 AM, April 04, 2012  

Had to throw out my daughter's last swim suit for this very reason. Yikes that it took you so long!

hoodie 9:02 AM, April 04, 2012  

Steve, perhaps you're just really cutting edge and high fashion... http://kottke.org/12/04/when-you-get-excited-the-clothes-turn-transparent

Coy Martinez 9:51 AM, April 04, 2012  

I had this happen to a bathing suit of mine. I often wonder what people were looking at me and thinking?? :)

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