Friday Funny 304: Confucius on Marathons

>> Friday, April 06, 2012

This photo has been around awhile, but I've never seen it labeled like this:

It turns out this guy is now a meme known as "Ridiculously Unlucky Marathoner." Here are 5 more that I liked:

That last one nearly happened to me.... Have you read my running poem from 2006? You might need to.


CoachLiz 8:11 AM, April 06, 2012  

I've seen this photo and felt soooo bad for this dude. And now you have me laughing at him. I'm going to Hell for sure now.

This happened to one of the elite runners at the Marathon trials just a few months back here in Houston. Again, felt incredibly bad for the guy. He ran the entire way. By the time we saw him come around on the third loop, he was so chaffed and bloody that it was painful to watch. No doubt he had a horrible skin infection after that. :(

Laura 11:01 AM, April 06, 2012  

I have to stop reading this blog during my lunch hour.

Benjamin 7:42 AM, April 07, 2012  

A little background info:

It was Göteborgsvalvet 2008, a half marathon in Sweden ("the world's biggest", they claim). The guy was 19 then and finished in 1:09:43, ranked 21st of about 33'000 men in the HM.

As for the meme: yawn. Old. Not funny. Whatever.

Steve Stenzel 2:56 PM, April 11, 2012  

Thanks Benjamin. Glad I could entertain you.

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