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>> Monday, April 23, 2012

A week ago, I was bitching about this hot run where I bonked pretty hard. This week, things have changed.

Pharmie worked all weekend, so I had Henry for 13 hours each day (her weekends are long!). Saturday, we headed out for the same long run that I bonked on the week before. It was sprinkling when we started, but Henry didn't care:

I snapped this photo, then "sealed up" the stroller to keep him dry!

Damp trail along the river near the Shriner's Hospital (around mile 2.5)

It rained, then it drizzled, then it stopped, then it rained, etc. And Henry slept for all of it. I warmed up for 2 miles, kept more of a moderate pace for another 3.5 miles, and then hit the next 6 miles a bit harder. Again, this was similar to what I wanted to do last weekend, but I tried to keep the harder miles a BIT easier so I didn't kill myself.

I did the harder miles in 6:32, 6:33, 6:34 (then turned around), 6:09, 6:18, and 6:01. That was 38:09 for those 6 fast mile, or 6:21 / mile. AND UNLIKE LAST WEEK WHERE I ONLY GOT THROUGH 3.5 MILES BEFORE STOPPING TO DIE WALK, I HAD JUST RAN 6 MILES HARD AND FELT GREAT!!

Well, I FELT great, but I was pretty sure I looked like hell. I stopped for a few seconds to snap a wet, chilly, gross photo of myself after 11.5 miles (just after my 6 hard miles):

I run because it's sexy.

And then I immediately snapped a contrasting photo of Henry all warm, cute, dry, and sleepy in the stroller:

I did my remaining 2 "easy" miles home in 14:30 total (fast-ish miles for feeling "easy!"), for a grand total of 13.53 miles in 1:32:43. That was 6 minutes faster than last week!! AND I had the stroller this week! Last week, I was over-heated and felt sick/dead, and this week I felt just fine and could have easily gone another 6 miles.

Unrelated to that....

I've been writing more Examiner articles lately, and here are a few from the last 10 days:


A run workout from the first US female at the Chicago Marathon called Killer Hills.

Matt Fitzgerald's speed workout called 600 Meter Breakdowns that he claims is good for ALL distance runners. (I still have to try this.)

Five thoughts from Sam McGlone about preventing overuse injuries. Number 2 is the big one most "smart" people can forget (I'm getting better at it), and I swear by number 3!


Lake Minnetonka will be host to the USMS 10-Mile Open Water National Championship later this summer (check the slideshow for photos from last year).

World Champion triathlete Julie Dibens will be in town in a few days!

Popular local magazine the "City Pages" just came out with their "Best Of" for 2012. Here are some "bests" that local sporty people will want to be aware of.

Photos from Goldy's Run 10 Mile.

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Thanks everyone! Back with my race thoughts for Saturday's race shortly!


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