3 Month Totals and Weekend Workouts

>> Monday, April 02, 2012

Jan - Mar 2012 totals:

SWIM: 3,900 yards
BIKE: 102.26 miles
RUN: 255.81 miles

Average weight: 155.7

RUN WITH HENRY: 101.43 miles!!
(22.72 miles in Jan, 25.2 miles in Feb, and 53.51 miles in March.)

So I NEED to start hitting the pool. Three swim workouts for a total of 3,900 yards in the last 3 months? That's pretty crap-tastic.

I don't think I've ever logged over 100 miles of biking in March before, so that's great! I just need to keep this up. We'll see...

And my running is going FANTASTIC! I believe I've only had 1 three-month-stretch with more miles - while Coach Jen was training me to a sub-60 TC 10 Mile, I logged 295.89 miles from Aug-Oct of 2010. I've been telling people that my MILES are great, but I could use some better WORKOUTS. I've been running a lot with Henry, but I need to work in some more speed work.

I should also note that my last 5 runs (over the last 11 days and including 1 race) were all with Henry! That's my last 42 miles STRAIGHT!

Weekend Workouts:

I headed out for a bike ride on Saturday. I went on a pretty hilly 20 miler, and finished with a 19.2 mph average. It was nice to get out.

Then, later that night, Pharmie, Henry, and I ran some errands. We stopped at REI and Henry tried out a "Chariot Cougar2" bike trailer:

He kept flirting with a cute 2-year-old who was walking nearby:

"Hey baby, you headin my way? Hop in!"



On Sunday, Henry and I got "helmeted up" for our first bike ride together:

After 2 laps around the block - he smiled and kicked most of the time!

Pulling into the driveway, looking though the Cougar2

Henry liked it! We'll see if he does as well on longer rides... I'm not so sure...

After that, we played a bit, and then we headed out for a nearly 13 mile run! We pushed the effort near the middle, and did the middle 4 miles in 6:19, 6:02, 6:02, and 6:12 (24:35 total). We finished 12.8 miles in 1:27:18 (6:49 / mile). Henry slept hard from mile 3.5 to mile 12. When he woke up, he kept giving me the cheesiest little smile:

I'll be taking a bit more easy this week (and tackling some work things), but then I need to start hitting it hard to be ready for the Get in Gear 10K in 4 weeks! It's the next "Grand Prix" race on the schedule!


TriMOEngr 2:41 PM, April 02, 2012  

Great to start them out early with helmets! Love the Henry flirting shot.

Melody 8:58 AM, April 03, 2012  

I see that cougar can carry two kids, so I guess that leaves room for Henry's future brother or sister. :)

Steve Stenzel 1:17 PM, April 03, 2012  

Someday, Melody.... SOMEDAY! ;)

We're not announcing anything. Really. :)

IronMin 10:03 PM, April 03, 2012  

So cute! He will be chomping at the bit to run along side you soon...

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