Mosquito Man Outfit

>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saturday morning should be a fun morning. I signed up to do Gear West’s “Mosquito Man Duathlon.” I’ve mentioned this before - the Mosquito Man is a run, bike, run, bike, run race, instead of the usual run, bike, run. Everything is short: the runs are 1.5 miles each and the rides are 8 miles each.

I’d like to wear the “bowl full of tutti frutti” for the race. Remember that sweet jammer that I wore at the beginning of the month for the Waseca Sprint Tri? It doesn’t have an ass pad at all, but it held up for the 14 mile ride in Waseca, so it SHOULD be OK for two 8 mile rides.

Yep, I think that’s gonna come back this weekend. Back with a fun, sassy post tomorrow...


CoachLiz 11:30 AM, August 31, 2010  

I'm not concerned about your ass, but for Pharmie's sake I am concerned about your junk with no padding in the "Bowl full of Tutti Frutti". Proceed with caution.

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 11:35 AM, August 31, 2010  

St. Croix Valley is going to miss you!!! :(

Jamie 11:41 AM, August 31, 2010  

Dude. The moobs are lookin' big in that pic. Are you weight training?

Yes, I was totally checking out your chest... in the most straight way possible...

Don't forget to lube up the wedding present! Take care of that thang.

Caratunk Girl 4:18 PM, August 31, 2010  

Ha ha wow. that is a riot.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 4:19 PM, August 31, 2010  

loved the outfit at Waseca...every one else will love it at Mos Man.

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