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>> Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three weeks ago, Pharmie and I spent a few days with my family in Alexandria, MN. We hung out on Lake Mary and just had a good time with seldom-seen cousins.

In the lake with Pharmie.

Skiing with my brother-in-law Dave.

Trying to slalom and nearly taking out Dave in the process.
(Note the ski 20 feet behind me - I didn’t get far without it...)

Dave and I “re-adjusting” after getting up again.

I took Goldilocks for a nice ride down a LONG, FLAT trail that goes through Alex. I warmed up for a few miles, and then did a nice, hard tempo ride. The Waseca Tri was the next weekend, and I hadn’t ridden hard in a while - I figured it was time. Here’s what the ride mainly looked like:

Flat, straight, and sunny. (The same way I like to drink my Sunny D)

Goldilocks with “Big Ole” back in Alex after the ride.

The next night, Pharmie and I did an evening swim. She did a long swim near the edge of the lake, and I did intervals by the boat docks.

Pharmie finishing up her swim.

After our swims.

Then we just hung out with our relatives:

Pharmie and Bree, our niece.

In the batting cages after go-carts and mini-golf, but before Taco Johns!

Bouncing on the raft to try to sink it.

Ian (my nephew) and I in our “Tom and Jerry” shirts!

After the ride on that Monday, swim on Tuesday, and long run on Wednesday, I was ready for the Waseca Tri that Sunday. The week after that, I had my own workouts to make sure I was on the right track for the TC 10 Mile. And that brings us to this last week, which was my first week of following Coach Jen’s workouts! So far, so good! More on this shortly...

Happy weekend!


Christi 8:47 AM, August 15, 2010  

Your family vacations always look like such fun!

Good luck with the training this week!

The Triathlon Rx 8:51 AM, August 15, 2010  

Haha - I second christi!! Looks like an awesome and relaxing trip!

Jayson 10:35 PM, August 15, 2010  

It's been a long time since I've heard about Taco Johns. Salivating a bit right now.

Sara Cox Landolt 4:03 PM, August 19, 2010  

Gorgeous night lake swim picture!
Hmmm Taco Johns...

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