Friday Funny 35: Chest Hair

>> Friday, May 08, 2009

Busy day. So I stole these images from funny buddy Stevie Dee. These are appropriate because, well, you all know how hairy I am. Enjoy!

So check out I think it's pretty funny! Happy weekend!!


t-odd 9:36 AM, May 08, 2009  

The guy with the bat and the come hither look AND the guy with the hearts and too long hair are very disturbing. I may have nightmares. Anyone want to dare Steve to pull out the "hair-bra" for his next race? Anyone?

Missy 9:50 AM, May 08, 2009  

We need some Steve Manscaping action for a nice summer, shirtless race! Oh yes, I can picture it now! But what should WE have him do???

Chloe 10:13 AM, May 08, 2009  

Ok. Guy with the long hair really freaks me out. Big time.

331 Miles 10:37 AM, May 08, 2009  

Two hearts to go with his massive fivehead.

Marlene 11:19 AM, May 08, 2009  

The guy with the hearts is a little creepy.

Brian 11:27 AM, May 08, 2009  

i'm guessing a couple of those were lost bets

Chic Runner 12:25 PM, May 08, 2009  

I have no words that I can even think of saying. Wow Steve. Wow.

K 2:44 PM, May 08, 2009  

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Carolina John 2:49 PM, May 08, 2009  

i love the mankini's and nipple hair. classic.

CoachLiz 4:14 PM, May 08, 2009  

The creep factor is high with the guy who has two hearts on his chest and belly.

I can't even fathom how hairy "hairkini" guy was before this picture was taken. The dude with the hair that runs from his chin to his nipples is freaky as well.

Please, no pics of ladyscaping!!!

Michelle 5:48 PM, May 08, 2009  

Kinda scary!


Kate 9:24 PM, May 08, 2009  

Nasty x about a million. Gross. Happy Friday!

Aka Alice 10:50 PM, May 08, 2009  

All of them are soooooo very, very, very wrong...

Ordinarylife 6:56 AM, May 11, 2009  

Oh, that is so gross!!!

The Boring Runner 10:00 PM, May 11, 2009  

LOL - this is your best post in a while :)

joyRuN 4:21 PM, May 12, 2009  

I am SO not a fan of chest hair to begin with!

Anonymous,  11:15 AM, December 28, 2009  

It is very interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

flower,  9:52 PM, December 20, 2010  

hilarskis. the guys with the chest-to-beard is my hero. i want to be best friends forever with him.

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