Friday Funny 30: Motivational Posters

>> Friday, April 03, 2009

I set this post to publish automatically at 2 am - I hope to be sleeping at this hour. In just a few hours, we’ll be getting up so we can catch our FLIGHT TO NEW ORLEANS!!

(Again, I’m being lazy: all image are from Did you notice the outer crust on the "pi" pie?....)

I’ve shared my race goals for Sunday’s 70.3 in my last couple of posts. Here are my “secondary goals” for the Half IM:

• Get a “good” song stuck in my head during the race. Something NOT by Lady GaGa or Britney Spears.

• Find as many other blogger buddies out there before, during, and after the race. Say “hi” to everyone!

• Keep from shartting myself. Just thought I’d state that for the record.

• Finally, Steve, don’t hit your watch right as you finish. Let’s not have one more “finisher’s photo” like this:


duchossois 5:04 AM, April 03, 2009  

Ha. Love the Friday Funnies. Good Luck Steve!

teacherwoman 5:31 AM, April 03, 2009  

Gotta love the Friday Funnies. It's the highlight of my day!

Good luck this weekend!

Unknown 7:00 AM, April 03, 2009  

Have fun and go rock it!

Missy 7:49 AM, April 03, 2009  

Hands up in the air like the Tour DAY France .. that's the pose we wanna see as you come across. I'm certain they'll catch your time:)

Tri-James 8:13 AM, April 03, 2009  

Good recommendation about the watch - I don't want that picture either!

The Boring Runner 8:14 AM, April 03, 2009  

LOL. Man, you always pull out the big guns when it comes to the funny friday posts.

As much as I laughed at the used rubber fist, I laughed harder at all of your watch stopping finsher pics. Hey, at least you are consistant - why stop now!?

Jess 8:14 AM, April 03, 2009  

Good luck this weekend! You'll do great!

Jennifer 8:19 AM, April 03, 2009  

Good luck, Steve, from a new fan! :-)

Anonymous,  8:42 AM, April 03, 2009  

Good luck to you and Pharmie!

Tammy 8:52 AM, April 03, 2009  

Ha! No, I didn't notice the outer crust at first.

I notice the same thing in my finish photos... Good luck and may you meet ALL your goals!!

Jim Smith II 8:56 AM, April 03, 2009  

Great Funnies Steve! Good luck this weekend!

Borsch 9:26 AM, April 03, 2009  

Have fun! I agree with the last thing, wait 2-5 seconds until they take your picture!

Kristin @ The Southern Summer 9:34 AM, April 03, 2009  

Thanks for visiting and the compliments! :)

I love these posters, so hilarious.

I also need to remind myself not to hit the Garmin at the finish line!! I was looking through photos from my last 5k and this was an overwhelming theme among the runners.

Good luck!

sRod 10:44 AM, April 03, 2009  

Oh Friday, you are so funny.

X-Country2 11:06 AM, April 03, 2009  

That snow picture still makes me miserable.

Good luck!

Alisa 11:24 AM, April 03, 2009  

Good Luck! No watch photos! I need to remember that this weekend!

My hubby (Mr. Pi) does the Pi symbol on the pie's he bakes, it's pretty funny!

Gotta Run..... 11:55 AM, April 03, 2009  

Is that ICE build up on that last photo?

My bet is that you will hit the watch. Some things you just can not change.

t-odd 12:00 PM, April 03, 2009  

At least raise your hands above your head when you hit your watch. Good luck. I don't know how I am going to cyber stalk all the people racing this weekend.

Chic Runner 12:35 PM, April 03, 2009  

good luck steve! :) You'll kick some butt, I know it! Thanks for that bird picture, hilariouuuuus!

Calyx Meredith 1:03 PM, April 03, 2009  

Best, best, best of luck to y'all! Have a great race.

My Life 1:03 PM, April 03, 2009  

Have a fabulous weekend! Good luck!!!

Eric 2:25 PM, April 03, 2009  

Game On Steve.

Have a great time at the race.

Unknown 2:57 PM, April 03, 2009  

Good luck, and enjoy your Pi after the race.

Kelly 3:47 PM, April 03, 2009  

Even if you ARE hitting your watch, the bottom right photo is the best. It's like a snowman up and ran a 5K.

Badgergirl 5:36 PM, April 03, 2009  

Love the funnies! Good luck this weekend!

Aka Alice 5:55 PM, April 03, 2009  

Love the Pi pie. Gotta share it w/all my math teacher friends :-)

I NEVER remember to stop my watch when I finish a race...NEVER...then try to figure out how long I've been wandering around in a daze...that's what official race results are for, right?

Good luck this weekend!

Coach Liz 9:15 PM, April 06, 2009  

I did notice the edge around the Pi pie crust and I was laughing so hard.

Is that guy barfing in his motorcycle helmet??? Is that dog trying to dive in and lick it up??!!?? EEEWWW!!!

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