Five Updates

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1: First of all, Brian guessed right in my last post. My peeled skin chips ended up taped in my journal.

I’m thinking up a fun/random/crazy prize to send him. And no, I’m not sending him any peeled skin chips. You’re gross for thinking so. Stop being gross.

2: I did my first 2 workouts over these past 2 days since NOLA 70.3 nine days ago. (I’ve lifted weights a few times, but these were the first aerobic workouts.) Yesterday, I went out at a comfortable pace for a 6 mile run. After about a mile or 2, my hammy, heel, and knee felt good - I figured I’d pick up the pace and turn it into a tempo run. I turned around at mile 3 in 21:00 minutes. I finished the last 3 miles in 18:05, for a total of 39:05 for 6 miles (6:31 / mile average). Nice.

Today, I went for a short swim to loosen everything up. I did 1500 yards in 24:45 (1:39.0 / 100 yards). Still feeling good! I’m thinking about some 1 mile repeats on the track tomorrow night after class. I need to stay in shape for the MDRA Mud Run on Sunday (4 mile cross country race that ends with a HUGE mud puddle) and the Winter BeGone Duathlon in a week and a half!!

3: I just vacuumed the house for 2 main reasons. First of all, our 2 cats are shedding like there’s no tomorrow. Dust bunnies galore. Secondly, there were skin chips ALL OVER the house. Pharmie and I have peeling horribly since our nasty sunburns in NOLA. Seriously, there were skin chips at the top of the steps, a big pile under the TV stand, a bunch near the skin in the bathroom, and a collection of chips in the kitchen.

4: I won a birthday cake. My birthday was a month ago, and my Mom called later in the day letting me know that a local radio station that draws names on birthdays and anniversaries drew my name. She said she picked it up and would throw it in the freezer until I saw them. So this Sunday when I was home for Easter, Mom presented me with my cake:

However, I knew Pharmie and I couldn’t eat that whole beast, so we cut it in half right then and there. I took the side with the text and let Dad have the side with the delicious flower-icing.

5: “Dead Toe Watch:” day 81. I THINK I have a chance at winning this!! (If you’ve forgot, here’s the deal: If I lose either or both toenails, I owe Pharmie a 30 minute backrub. If both stay on, Pharmie owes me a 30 minute backrub. Go Team Steve!) Here’s how they look today:

You can see that the new nails are just pushing out the old nails! Nothing’s gonna fall off!! YAY!!


Maggs 7:48 PM, April 14, 2009  

The flower icing is the best part.

Jess 7:56 PM, April 14, 2009  

Normally, any sight of cake would have me salivating, but because discussion and pictures of it were sandwiched between discussion and pictures of "skin chips," "shedding cats" and "dead toes," I actually feel rather repulsed.

Sue 7:58 PM, April 14, 2009  

ummm the mom in me says gross o moonday...:)but kuddos to your mom for the cake...that part rocks..

Michelle 8:07 PM, April 14, 2009  

Skin chips huh? You could be on to something!!!

And you have ugly feet!!!

Great run!

Teenage Tri Queen 8:09 PM, April 14, 2009  

i am going to have to go with jess on that one! I just started a blog, and I need some followers... check it out ..

Anonymous,  8:18 PM, April 14, 2009 chips and black toenails. I hope your wife wins that deal...cause those nasty things just need to fall of already. :)

Congrats to both of you on a great race in NOLA...

Missy 8:27 PM, April 14, 2009  

Skin chips, really? Snack for later? Mmmm, wrong....and I love it.

Beth 8:37 PM, April 14, 2009  

I think you are going to win the toenail bet- they are looking pretty good... well, as good as black toenails can look.

The Boring Runner 8:46 PM, April 14, 2009  

Mmmmm, the only thing better than cake is FREE cake.

And the skin in the journal was GROSS!

t-odd 8:53 PM, April 14, 2009  

Dear god, man! Skin chips and toenails. But it's kind of like a car wreck - I keep coming back and I can't stop looking. Happy Belated Birthday!

RBR 9:23 PM, April 14, 2009  

You taped skin chips into your journal and we are the gross ones?

Also, you and Pharmie can't handle a 1/4 sheet cake? pppft And you call yourselves Ironmen.

Can't wait for the Mud Run report!

X-Country2 10:05 PM, April 14, 2009  

I was just going to make the same ironman crack. It's cake people! Suck it up.

Nat 10:12 PM, April 14, 2009  

I made it through reading about skin chips but I think I just threw up a little in my mouth after seeing your toes.

Amy - the gazelle 10:26 PM, April 14, 2009  

I am cheering for you & your toenails! And now I actually want some cake, too. YUM!

Borsch 11:22 PM, April 14, 2009  

Sorry...I may have played a part in the cats shedding! I brought PT over and Elle went nuts!

Diana 11:52 PM, April 14, 2009  

I'm seeing a massage in your near future!
Taped sun chips....that's awesome!

Run For Life 1:24 AM, April 15, 2009  

That picture of cake made me want some...until I scrolled down and saw the feet pictures. While they don't gross me out, it left me not wanting cake. It's like contraceptive for wanting cake!

FLATOUT JIM 5:09 AM, April 15, 2009  

Steve in a Speedo with a Skin Chip and Black Toe Birthday Cake. GROSS!!

I am now officially off sugar.

Eric 5:27 AM, April 15, 2009  

I hate to say this being a guy but.....I'd rather see you in a speedo than see any more pictures of skin "chips" and dead toe nails.

You must counter with pictures of Pharmie.

duchossois 5:56 AM, April 15, 2009  

Glad to hear your recovery is going better than expected. Its good to push a little if you feel OK, but don't forget to give your body that extra rest to complete your recovery.

Marlene 7:49 AM, April 15, 2009  

I don't think I have ever heard of sticking peeled skin in a journal before...

Glad to hear you are back to your regular workouts so soon after the race. Must have been that delicious recovery grub!

Shannon 8:15 AM, April 15, 2009  

Two of the yummiest photos~ One, pictures of skin flakes taped to a journal~Two, dead toenails. You never disappoint!

BTW, how much of that cake DID you eat?

tfh 1:00 PM, April 15, 2009  

WOO-HOO! My dead toenails are in just the same stage.

Too bad we won't be around to see the archaeologist who comes upon your journal...

Unknown 1:44 PM, April 15, 2009  

you know you thought about sending skin chips though... Don't the old nails have to go somewhere if the new ones are coming in. Doesn't that count as falling off? Oops, guess that helps Team Pharmie. Sorry.

Being Robinson 4:24 PM, April 15, 2009  

I just found your blog. I like that the first post I see is so gross yet so mesmerizing. Thanks for that. I might be hooked now!

Jennifer Harrison 4:39 PM, April 15, 2009  

Um, yeah...I nearly spit my food out when I scrolled down to your FEET!
Hope you enjoyed the cake! It is one of the few things, I can pass up!

Michelle 6:10 PM, April 15, 2009  

What a great mom you have!

CoachLiz 6:16 PM, April 15, 2009  

Skin Chips, um kinda gross there Steve. Especially gross that they were at the top of the stairs, under the TV stand, in the bathroom and all over the rest of the house.

Kin 9:39 PM, April 15, 2009  

We can put a man on the moon, but we have yet to make a cake where each slice has its own frosting flower? What's the deal with that?

Gotta Run..... 11:50 AM, April 16, 2009  

who saves their skin chips?.... I am rollingin the floor on that one.

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Any cakes left?

Anonymous,  10:54 AM, April 17, 2009  

Wow... you must be the sentimental type to keep skin chips taped to your journal. .___.

Good bit of race curio?

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