Weekend of Camping in Wisconsin

>> Thursday, June 20, 2019

As I posted about on Monday, we spent the weekend in WI with family. Here's 2 dozen photos from our camping trip:

The 4 oldest cousins on the teeter-totter at the campgrounds.

Supper wasn't bad.

Camping food.

A belated birthday celebration for my boys. (Even with a "camping themed" cake.)

Around the campfire.

The next day, we spent 5 hours on the Kickapoo River. Here are 5 photos I put on Instagram:

Lots of sandy spots to pull over and have a snack.

Grandma with the 2 oldest.

From our canoe, showing the other 4 canoes in our party.

More from the river:


Charlie said he wanted a little nap, so my wife made him a "nest" at
the back of the canoe. Here are his feet peeking out as he's resting.

A shot into his nest (under a shirt) as he passed out for 45 minutes.

A selfie with the 3 of us that were still awake. (Charlie's behind my wife under that red shirt.)

Showered off back at the campsite.

It started raining, so we all invaded my in-laws big new trailer!

I checked on our tent after it had been raining for 2 hours. There was a little water leaking in around Charlie's mat, but nothing a towel couldn't handle. But then I realized my socks were wet. The tent was dripping from 4-5 spots in the top! The rainfly is no longer water tight. That tent was a wedding present 16 years ago. I think I'll try re-taping the seams. I woke up once with a drip hitting my chest, but otherwise we had a decent night.

The next morning, our tent left a nice dry spot in the grass when it came down:

The 6 grandkids around (or on top of) the table. With Grandpa helping!

Then we took off and headed to a MN State Park in the area: Beaver Creek Valley. It was our 40th in just under 2 years! We got there and Charlie picked this flower and gave it to Sarah saying "Happy Father's Day, Mama!"

The biggest millipede we've ever seen! That's Henry's hand! It was nearly as long as
his hand, and as thick as his pinky. It held on to and picked up a rock as we picked it up!

The creek.

Super cold water, as we hiked to where it bubbled up from underground.

We got to drive through the creek a few times, and the boys loved this.

Making faces at DQ for lunch.

Me and this goof. (With matching marshmallow sundaes.)

Back with some "Friday Funnies" tomorrow, and then a post about some intervals on the bike and on the track.


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