Award from the TC "Hot Dash" 5K

>> Saturday, June 09, 2018

Last month, I got a tiny little package in the mail from TC in Motion. I had no idea what it could have been. I opened it to find a cute little "trophy" for placing 2nd in my age group at the "Hot Dash" 5K back in March:

I had to move my son's Legos to take this photo. Cause I'm a Dad.

It's a little acrylic trophy that's just a bit shorter than a business card on end. It's a funny little reminder of one of my worst 5Ks in 10 years. (Well, THEE worst 5K in 10 years.) But by performing so poorly at that race, I actually learned a lot; it was a very insightful race.

If you missed it, click here for my Hot Dash 5K race report, click here for more race photos from TC in Motion on Facebook, and click here for comments on my race attire from my friends.


SteveQ 12:45 PM, June 10, 2018  

When I was 18, I won an award for my worst race because I was one of only two people in my age class. I mentioned to my coach how it was embarrassing to get awards for slow times and he said, "Be appreciative. There will be a long time when you won't win anything and you'll miss it."

Boy, was he right.

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