Week of Training Post-Race

>> Monday, October 09, 2017

Eight days ago was the TC 10 Mile, and here's what last week looked like:

- Wed: swim 6x200
- Thurs: bike 23 miles (moderate)
- Fri: run 4 miles easy
- Sat: bike trainer easy-ish for 50 mins
- Sun: run 7.9 miles easy/moderate

Notice there's 2 "injury" notes over that week: I never mentioned this before the TC 10 Mile, but on Friday 2 days before that race, I was putting on my shoes and my right ankle got oddly locked up. I stepped outside to try to "walk it off" and let it "reset" itself. It was pretty achy that night in bed, and it would keep cracking as I rolled my ankle around.

During the race, it was a bit achy and cracked or popped a bit in the first mile. But then I didn't think about it again until around mile 7 when I thought "Oh, I haven't thought about my ankle for a long time - GOOD! It's feeling normal!" But (as expected), it was a bit sore again the next day. The big surprise was on my swim on Wednesday - as I kicked, my ankle would uncomfortably pop a few times/100. It was subtle during a 200 warm up, but then felt worse during my first hard 200. I was nearly ready to stop swimming, but then it felt better the next 200 and normal after that.

On my run Friday, it was a little "poppy" off-and-on throughout, but not bad. Then on Sunday (yesterday) something deep in my achilles (but it didn't feel like my ACTUAL achilles) felt TIGHT from the start of the run. It slowly felt better, and the good news was there was no "popping" or cracking throughout that run! Then post-run as I was stretching, I couldn't point my toes without a LOT of pain off to either side of the back of my heel. (Which is weird because when pointing my toes, it's the top/front of my foot that is being stretched, not the BACK where I feel the pain. Weird.) I iced it and heated it later, and it wasn't 100% the rest of the day - it would shoot some pain up my leg if I stepped unusually.

I'm seeing my chiropractor later today to see if he can "reset" anything in my ankle. I'm hoping that he can figure something out and that I don't have to take too many days off as I build some mileage for a half marathon in a few weeks.

Here are 3 pics from those last 2 runs. First, here's a pic from Friday's run with Charlie from near the turn-around of my (hopeful) upcoming half marathon at roughly mile 7 and 8:

And yesterday, we crossed the Mississippi River as the fall colors were appearing:

Running on River Road as the boys watched a Looney Tunes DVD.

Back with more soon. Keep an eye on my tweets for up-to-date injury news.


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