Sept 2010 vs Sept 2017: Leading up to the TC 10 Mile

>> Thursday, October 05, 2017

In 2010, Coach Jen coached me to a 59:05 TC 10 Mile. Just before last weekend's TC 10 Mile, I was wondering about my training leading up to that race vs this race. Here's my training this year vs 2010:

Sept 2017

Sept 2010

Basically, there was more days off in 2010, more running, and much less strength work:

SEPT 2017:
- Swim: 10,900 yards (lowest in months)
- Bike: 191 miles
- Trainer: 25 miles (75 mins)
- Run: 82 miles
- Strength/core: 17 hrs, 15 mins

SEPT 2010:
- Swim: 19,800 yards (one of my biggest months ever at that time)
- Bike: 56 miles (plus mountain biking once)
- Trainer: 45 miles (135 mins)
- Run: 110 miles
- Strength/core: 3 hrs, 15 mins

I was worried about my lack of hard running this year. In 2010, I did a LOT of HARD HARD running. I did less hard running this year, and when I DID do some hard running, it wasn't with the same intensity:

2017 and 2010 side-by-side: 4 HARD run workouts in 2017, and 8 in 2010.

All in all, being 2:54 slower this year with a lot less hard running while being 10 lbs heavier was just fine with me. In case you missed my race report from Tuesday, click here to check it out.


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