Streaking! (Sept in Review and an Injury Update)

>> Monday, October 16, 2017

Here's how my training looked in Sept leading up to the TC 10 Mile on Oct 1st:

SWIM: 10,900 yards
BIKE: 190.98 miles
BIKE TRAINER: 1 hour 15 mins
RUN: 81.98 miles
STRENGTH/CORE: 17 hours 15 mins

In mid-February, I had a bit of a knee/quad issue that wasn't going away with rest. I was told that I needed to WORK the quad with daily stress. That started a decent streak of workouts starting on February 12.

There are 230 days between Feb 12 and Sept 29 (which was my last workout before the TC 10 Mile).

In that span, I went camping 5 times with my boys (3 times it was just me and the boys) for a total of 11 days away from home. We also spent a week at a cabin with the Stenzel side of my family, and my wife and I spent 4 days in Vegas. We also had a few 1 or 2 day stays with extended family.

Within those 230 days, there were only 20 days where I didn't have a swim, bike, or run. And of those 20 days, 13 were the day before or the day after a race when I NEEDED to rest (or risk getting injured). Of the remaining 7 days, a few were spent camping, with family, or just resting an ache.

So I "missed" swimming, biking, or running on 7 out of 230 days. That's 1 week out of 33 weeks. Not bad. This helps to explain my best multi-sport season of my life. I was very lucky to keep such a solid streak going. Lucky to not have injuries, and lucky to have support to be able to get out and workout (or bring the boys with me).

Any thoughts of a streak are now over, but that's fine. In the last 2+ weeks, I've missed 5 days: a day before the TC 10 Mile, the 2 days following that race, and another day a week later when my ankle was still quite sore. I may miss a few more in the near future, but that's OK - I've got nothing to prove.

Time to see if my ankle will be OK running 10-11 miles on Wednesday which will be the final test to see if I can run a half marathon in just under 2 weeks! Stay tuned...


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