Injury Update: Haven't Ran for a Week

>> Saturday, October 14, 2017

I posted last Monday about some ankle issues I had just before the TC 10 Mile (and the week after it). Later that Monday, I saw my chiropractor thinking that something needed to be adjusted in my ankle (it had been cracking and popping as I noted in Monday's post). He didn't think anything was wrong on a skeletal level, but he thought I tweaked some tendon that was pulling on everything incorrectly. He didn't think it was my achilles (I didn't think it was that either), but he thought it was something else down there. Here's what I told my wife after our visit:

I ran 8 miles with the boys in the stroller the day before seeing Dr. Backus (which was last Sunday), and it was OK to run on. It was stretching it once I got home that angered it. So I haven't stretched my calves or even my quads well since then. I LOVE to stretch (and it helps me stay injury-free), but I've only been foam rolling to help loosen things up for the last week. No torquing on my ankle.

I'll try running again tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'll approach that run: I could go out and just try to run and easy 3-4 miles to "test" it, or I could go run 3-4 miles and say "it still feels fine - running is OK and it's stretching that's bad" and then run another 3-4 miles for 6-8 miles total. (Remember, I'm hoping to run a half marathon in 2 weeks, so in a few days I should be doing my final long run. I ran just over 11 miles 4 weeks ago, which was 2 weeks before the TC 10 Mile. I'd love to feel good enough to run 11 or 12 in a few days before backing off and running easy for the final 10 days pre-race.)

I guess we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow, and then adjust the plan accordingly!


SteveQ 12:51 PM, October 15, 2017  

I broke a toe yesterday and ran today. Just sayin'.

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