Minnesota State Fair Trip 2017

>> Saturday, September 02, 2017

The boys and I biked to the Minnesota State Fair earlier this week. We live just about 3 miles away, and there's a free and secure "bike lot" right next to one of the entrances. So we got loaded up shortly after the boys got up:

Ready to ride!

Last year, there were baby bunnies in the bike lot. There were 3 new baby bunnies this year!

The boys standing next to Minnesota's symbol for choking.

Butterfly room!

Henry loved this. He had 10 butterflies on him for 5 minutes!

The "farm hand experience" is always a hit.

Playing in the "alphabet forest."

The boys could play in "machinery hill" for days.

Mini donuts.

Honey sticks in the horticulture building! Henry liked the "root beer" and "cinnamon" ones.

A legless horse specially bred for children to climb on.

Corn dogs!

I got a foot-long corn dog. We were hanging out with Mary Beth (one of
my wife's co-workers) and she took this exceptionally sexy photo of me.

Post-corn dog coma.

DNR fish pond.

We HAD to stop for local root beer. More on this on my Soda Blog.

Riding the Sky Ride! Charlie's first time!

Loaded up to bike home.

The bike lot was pretty empty at 8 am, but it was pretty full at 1:30 pm!

Passed out in the driveway from the 12 minute ride home.

An Instagrammed photo once we got home.

We would have gotten the top 2 rows, and would have had the 3rd if we stuck around
a bit later (to find making out teens). The middle column would have been easy too.

Here are photos from 2016, and here are photos from 2015. And here's more on my Root Beer Blog about our stop at the Spring Grove Soda stand.

Happy end-of-summer!


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