TC 10 Mile Goal?

>> Saturday, September 09, 2017

Well, the TC 10 Mile is 3 weeks away. This has been a "back off" week as I noted in Thursday's post, which is hard for me to do when I feel like I have more work to do. When I registered back in April or June, this is what I entered as my finish time:

This will be my 8th 10 mile. Here's my times from my other 7:

1:02:43 at the 2009 TC 10 Mile
1:02:19 at the 2009 Monster Dash 10 Mile
1:02:44 at the 2010 100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile
59:05 at the 2010 TC 10 Mile
1:01:20 at the 2011 TC 10 Mile
1:01:42 at the 2014 TC 10 Mile (part of the Loony Challenge - 1:02:34 pace on a short course)
1:03:05 at the 2015 TC 10 Mile (part of the Loony Challenge)

So noting that 2014 was a short course, if I just break 1:02:19, I'll run my 3rd fastest 10 mile out of 8. THAT'S my goal: between 1:01:20 and 1:02:19. I don't know how possible that is, but it's what I'll shoot for. Back in June or July, I thought I COULD possibly train hard and shoot for sub-60, but then I learned that running hard was still aggravating my back, and I ended up doing more triathlons which was AWESOME (I'm real happy with my multi-sport season!). Running HARD just took a bit of a back seat to staying healthy and racing more tris. I can't complain!

In "family" news, we took the boys to the beach with their cousins last Sunday:

Lunch break at the beach in North St. Paul!

Charlie on a ride that night.

Me and my 2 boys zipping down a dead-end road (near Cretin and I94).
Henry and I biked over 2.5 miles, and he loved it.


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