Chatting with a Kenyan Runner

>> Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Two weeks ago, I posted this on Facebook:

So clearly, Stanley and I are basically the same person:

- He runs 2x a day. I've HAD the runs 2x a day.

- He runs for Nike. I run for the YWCA of Minneapolis (with much fewer perks, but also less child labor).

- He has no idea about his weekly mileage. I really don't care about my weekly mileage anymore. (I just "do what I can do" without getting injured, which might actually be how he trains too.)

- His "easy" pace for 8 miles or so is 5:30. My 5K PR pace from 7 years ago is 5:32.

- Stanley thinks people could run fast like him if they ran more. I think Stanley could run slow like me if he ran less.


Shinianen 10:18 AM, September 20, 2017  

OMG your crying in the corner comment. I died laughing.

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