Final Hard Run: TC 10 Mile THIS WEEKEND!

>> Monday, September 25, 2017

Friday was my last hard run before the upcoming "TC 10 Mile" on Sunday! As I mentioned in last Monday's post, I did an old "Coach Jen" workout of repeats of 3 mins hard and 3 mins MODERATE with Charlie in the stroller. (It's a deceptively hard workout because the moderate runs are NOT recovery - it really drags on!) Here's what I posted on Instagram on Friday afternoon:


Did a version of a Coach Jen workout with Charlie on this sunny, humid, 85 degree afternoon: 5x(3 mins hard, 3 mins moderate). It's rougher than it sounds because there is no rest. "Hard" averaged 5:54 pace, and "mod" averaged 6:56. BRUTAL. But happy with times considering the stroller and being the hottest I've been this year. #TC10Mile next weekend!!

By the end of that workout, it was the hottest I'd been all summer. Seriously. It was gross. Here's a selfie dripping with sweat as I got home:

That's sweat at the bottom of my glasses, hanging off
my nose, and everywhere else for that matter.

After that run, Facebook had the gall to remind me that it was the first day of fall:


mn_runner on Instagram posted this. Perfect.

So that was my LAST HARD RUN. I have been in FULL TAPER MODE since that run on Friday: Saturday I had a short, easy spin; Sunday was an easy 5 mile run; today will be a swim; and tomorrow will be a moderate 60-90 min ride.

Oh, and between that easy Saturday ride and easy Sunday run, I took the family up north:

Us being dwarfed (and deafened) by Gooseberry Falls.

Back with more soon!


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