Tutti Frutti Replacements

>> Saturday, February 18, 2017

As I posted about on Wednesday, my "Tutti Frutti" shorts are dying (most likely a water slide incident from last weekend). I posted a link to that blog post on the Steve in a Speedo Facebook page, and a friend jumped to the rescue:

It turns out that FunkyTrunks.com has some good options!

The "Joker."

The "Impressionista." Unrelated: how does one get those muscles that point
towards your fun parts? Clean eating a lots of training, you say? Oh, I'm out.

"Jungle Jagger"

So if you're interested, check out FunkyTrunks.com and come race along side of me in some bright shorts this summer! :)

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Shinianen 3:41 PM, February 19, 2017  

You get those abs simply by wearing those shorts, no?! >:-) lol

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