ANOTHER GOOD WEEK! (And a snowstorm that wasn't)

>> Monday, February 27, 2017

Now I've had back-to-back weeks that consisted of 3 runs, 2 swims, and 2 OUTDOOR rides! Here's what last week looked like:

In last week's post about my good week of workouts, I noted we were supposed to get a big blizzard shortly, and that all my February outdoor tri-bike rides would be ending for a while. We were supposed to be getting 12-18 inches! Well, the meteorologists kept pushing it farther and farther south, and we got NOTHING in the Twin Cities metro area on Friday. Everyone was teasing on Facebook. Here's what my tri buddy Amy B had to say:

So as you can see from my week-in-review snapshot above, I got in a nice ride on Saturday evening, even though I was expecting to be under a foot of snow! But instead, the Greenway Trail looked like this:

Proof I was on my tri-bike, "Eiffel." Got home just as the sun was setting.

I have 3 workouts last week I want to note:

First, I have those 4 rides shown on Tuesday. The first is riding to work, the 2nd is a WU and CD from a hard ride over lunch, the 3rd was the hard "time trial" effort ride (which I posted about last week), and the 4th was riding home from work.

Second, I did my first hard running in over a month on Friday. Just a simple fartlek workout at the 6-laps-to-a-mile track at my gym. I did the same workout I did in November and December of last year: a ladder going up and down of hard efforts, with 1 lap of easy running between the efforts. Here were my 2-lap ladder splits:

1:51, 1:52 = 3:44.3
2:03, 2:02, 2:00 = 6:06.1
2:02, 1:56 = 3:59.1

Nov "fast" laps totaled 18:05 (just over 6:00 pace)
Dec "fast" laps totaled 17:27 (well under 6:00 pace)
Last week "fast" laps totaled 17:37.

I told myself I could go easier, but I ended up faster than I planned/hoped (except for maybe the 1-mile effort, which felt slow/rough).

Third, yesterday I did a simple 10x100 HARD effort in the pool with 0:30 rest (longer rest than I've been having lately). I only had one that was slower than 1:24, and then I slowly sped up with my fastest being 1:18, averaging 1:22.9. I've had plenty faster a few years back, but this still felt good.

I've now surpassed 117 miles on my tri-bike outside in February! Maybe 1 more ride tomorrow before the month is out...


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