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>> Saturday, February 04, 2017

This last week was "Catholic School's Week" for Henry in kindergarten. So they got to dress up on certain days. Here are 2 cute pics from my Instagram page:

"Sunday Best" day.

"Future Me" day.

Despite my wife and I telling him he should be an engineer because he loves to build and loves Legos so much, Henry keeps saying he wants to be "an artist, professor, and daddy like daddy" someday. (Which is ADORABLE, but he'll be broke for life.) So he's went to school dressed up like me as I headed off to class.

That night (Thursday) we took Henry to the Doctor because he had a HUGE tonsil and complained of a sore throat. He had strep. So Friday looked like this:

Caption: "Being home with a kid with strep throat feels a lot like being a negligent parent.
Our morning: cartoons, movies during my appt, and a quick stop at Izzys Ice Cream."

He's feeling better today. But my wife works this weekend. So it'll be 3 days straight of squirrelly boys cooped up with Dad. We're trying to get out when we can. :)

Oh, and here are 3 more Instagram pics from recent weeks:

Building an ice fort along the Mississippi. I could barely lift some of those
ice chunks! It got pretty big - look at how small Henry looks in the bottom photo.

Henry reading Charlie stories before nap time on a weekend where Mama was gone.

Adventures with Charlie: potty training at the gym, shoveling sidewalks, and falling asleep early.

Back with a (non) training update on Monday. Happy weekend!!


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