>> Monday, February 13, 2017

Yesterday, my wife went out for a long run, and I got ready for a quick bike ride once she got back. We both ended up in our bright tights:

So YES, I'm biking again! When I saw Dr. Folske for some A.R.T. (like a deep deep sometimes horribly painful massage) a week ago, he said that now with all of my rest, I NEEDED to try running again. So after not running for 3 weeks (and not doing any swimming or biking for 9 days), I WENT FOR A RUN LAST WEDNESDAY. My knee felt like I figured it would throughout (it hurt most of the time), but then the rest of the day, it felt better than it had felt for the last few weeks.

So February started with some rest, and the last week had 2 SHORT runs and my first outdoor ride of the year on my tri bike yesterday:

(My short ride told me 2 things: first, my neck isn't used to being in aero. When I'm on the trainer, I can look straight down and not crash into something. And second, I've got a LOT of work to do on the bike before multisport season in 2.5 months.)

Dr. Folske actually told me to NOT rest anymore and get right back into my old routine. He thinks he helped to break up some muscular issues, and now it NEEDS it's normal activity to stay healthy. (My lower quad on the inside just above my knee is still tight/sore, but now it's not "pulling" on my knee and hurting it anymore.) I'm not going to TRULY jump back in at "full speed" because I don't want to be dumb, but I'll try to bring back my normal workouts over the next week or 2 and see how that goes. Wish me luck!


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