Injury Update: Knee Still Hurts

>> Monday, February 06, 2017

Three weeks ago, I raced the YWCA Indoor Triathlon. My knee held up fine - I had some pain 2 weeks before that.

Then 3 days after that race, my knee hurt on an easy run. I called that my last run for a while, and just kept swimming and biking.

This past week, I finally went to see Dr. Folske for some A.R.T. on my leg. He thinks somethings a little tight or "caught up" around my knee, but that it shouldn't be too big of a deal. He REALLY worked my knee and quad well, and apologized for (probably) ripping out some hair. Here's what my leg looked like once I got back to my car post-visit:

It doesn't come through too well, but that's a LOT of red.

Then the next day, I saw Robert at Element Wellness Group for some acupuncture. He ran some electricity through my leg: a bit on the top through a tight part of my lower quad, and then a long section on the bottom along the outside of my knee:

My leg twitched from the electricity during the entire 30 min session!

I realized what part of the issue was a week ago when I saw Folske and Robert: when I first had the knee pain 5 weeks ago, I took some time COMPLETELY off. When it came back, I kept swimming and biking, and it didn't get better. I noticed this when I printed out my training plan to take to Folske. See? Have a look:

(Purple is aqua jogging or bike training/spinning.)

My knee still isn't totally better. Folske hoped I could run this past weekend, but I'm not there yet. We'll see how much longer before I try swimming, biking, or running again. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, I'm stretching, heating, massaging, and trying to take care of this knee! Fingers crossed!


Luis Fernando Oliveira 7:54 AM, February 06, 2017  

Man, your shoes! Look at your shoes

Steve Stenzel 2:01 PM, February 06, 2017  

Luis, I know you keep thinking my shoes are too thick, but every running analysis I have (in running shoe stores or my physical therapists) says I need some support. They're not super clunky, they're just "mid-range."

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