This Weekend's (Non-Existent) Duathlon

>> Thursday, May 05, 2016

A friend alerted me to a blurb about me regarding this weekend's Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon on Minnesota Tri News. The article is a preview of Cinco Du, and here's the small paragraph about me:

We know who won't win Cinco's Sprint. Two-time champ Stevie Stenzel, who probably hates to be called "Stevie," has a broken body part, thus his spring du season is over before it's starts. Too bad. We're going to miss his flamboyant bike pants. His plaid ones are cool. So are the one's with lightning bolts.

TOTALLY wish I was racing!! This was set up to be my "A-race" for 2016. But I plan on being out there to cheer and/or volunteer. I need to try to not be on my feet much, so we'll see what I can do. Hopefully (at the least) I'll have an album full of photos from some good racing.


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