Long Weekend With The Boys

>> Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My wife went out of town for 4 days this last weekend, and I was tweeting/instagramming all about it. She went on a mini vacation with 4 of her Pharmacy school friends:

Dressed up for a night out. (Yes, the friend on the far right IS about to give birth...)

Here are a few pics of my 4 days alone with the boys (most of these being pics that I sent to my wife throughout her vacation):

FRIDAY: A smirk from this guy as we wait for his brother to finish his speech therapy.

One of our 2 big weekend splurges was a trip to Blue Sun Soda.
See lots more pics in this post on my "root beer blog."

Two great ideas at Blue Sun Soda: free pinball (the boys' first play!), and free popcorn.

A Friday night bedtime photo sent to Mama.

So part of I-94 right by our place was closed down for the weekend (something like 10 pm Friday through 5 am Monday). Well, it turns out they were taking down a bridge just about 0.3 miles from our house (Prior Ave - between Cleveland and Fairview). IT WAS LOUD. At 10:30 on Friday night, it SOUNDED LIKE THIS. Click that link, turn up your volume, and hit play. That was right outside our side door. Luckily, the boys slept fine. I didn't sleep very well, and our (newish) neighbors to the north slept even worse. Yikes. Mama picked a good weekend to be away!

So the next morning (SATURDAY), we went to watch the demolition for 20 minutes:

There were a few "bundles" of rebar piled up. The excavator in the middle was squishing
piles of rebar. The excavator to the far left was actively jack-hammering up the bridge deck.

A quilt hung over my bedroom window to help deaden the construction noise for Saturday night.

Heading to cheer at the "Get in Gear 10K."

Cheering the 12 min pace runners through (after the masses of runners have been by).

When Mama's home, he loves it when she takes a nap with him. We call it a
"slumber party." I promised Henry that if he was good, we could have a slumber party
and he could sleep in Mama's spot for the night. Here he is tucked in before bed.

Our 2nd big splurge of the weekend came on Saturday night. After going to church, we stopped at Little Ceasers to use a coupon. It was the 2nd time I'd been to a Little Ceasers in 15 years. We got a deep dish pizza and breadsticks that lasted us for 2 full meals.

SUNDAY was more low-key. We sent Mama a pic of all of the dandelions the boys picked from the backyard laid out in a heart:

And then a little grubby hand destroyed the heart.

MONDAY morning, Henry woke up and hopped in bed with me to be cozy for 5 minutes, so we sent Mama a selfie:

Our second trip to the compost site over the weekend. We needed more wood chips.

Mama got in on Monday night just before bed. Last night, this was the scene at story time:

Charlie picks the oddest ways to get cozy.

See more pics from the weekend on my Instagram: search for stevestenzel. Happy to have you back, Mama!


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