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>> Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In my last post, I showed an icy photo of me after a 15 below long run on Sunday. An hour after I published that post, someone from WCCO Radio was in my dining room interviewing me about running in the cold. Around noon on Monday, this 47 second clip was heard on the radio:

Direct link:

Two things:

First: I like to run about every-other day, but not always "at least 10 miles" like Susie said.

And second: if you turn it up loud for the first 2 seconds, you hear Henry in the background talking to Susie saying "Can I show you a picture of my bird?" He had taken a photo of a bird he made with Legos, and he wanted to show her.

The story appeared on their website too, along with 3:00 of more casual audio. CHECK THAT OUT HERE. It starts with Henry interrupting us which she TOTALLY could have edited out, but I'm sure she left it in because she liked my boys. And it added to the "feel" of me being a part-time stay-at-home DILF.

Here's what the link to the article looks like on their Facebook page:

Note that first comment from a former U of M student of mine. Ha! Thanks Tyler!

The comments on their Facebook post had a lot of people sharing similar photos. And a bit of hate. People called me stupid. Someone said I had "deeper psychological issues." Someone said that my lungs would freeze and I would die and then called me an idiot. Someone else simply commented "idiot," and someone simply commented "dumb." Someone called me a "nerd" (which is true). I'm 100% positive anyone who was blatantly and pointlessly posting negative comments had never tried running below 40 or 50 degrees. (Probably never tried running PERIOD. Oooooh... burn.)

A friend told me this:


Then, later that night (Monday night), I appeared on the evening news. I Instagrammed this photo:


Ian Leonard (the meteorologist) said I had the best twitter name, as one of the news anchors noted that I was wearing more than a Speedo in this pic. Kelcey (one of the anchors) mentioned that I had an entertaining blog. She must have seen a bit of it after I tweeted a pic to her of her running the TC Marathon this past Oct. She's speedy!

Four minutes after that was on the news, I got a text from my Mom that said my Grandma had just called her saying that she saw me on TV and that it was "pretty neat."

My 15 minutes of fame are now officially over.

I have some local race news and some FREE RACE ENTRIES that I'll be giving away soon, so stop back over the weekend or on Monday for that!


Jackie 7:44 PM, January 20, 2016  

Just remember we knew you before you were famous!

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