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>> Saturday, January 09, 2016

Monday evening is the "Meet of the Miles" at the University of Minnesota, the first race in the "Grand Prix" series for 2015. As I mentioned last weekend, I've been running a decent amount lately, but I've been doing no true speed work - just some 10K race pace miles in the middle of long runs, and 2 fartlek runs. So I have no confidence about my speed going into this.

During my last fartlek run on Wednesday morning, I ended my 20 hard minutes of fartlek running with a 2 minute effort. (I warmed up for 2.5 miles, and then did 3 mins hard, 2 mins easy, 2 h, 1 e, 4 h, 2 e, 1 h, 1 e, 5 h, 3 e, 3 h, 2 e, 2 h. That totals 20 minutes of hard running.) I don't take splits for a fartlek run normally - I just let my watch run. But I took my split for my final 2 minutes of hard running: it was done at 5:23 pace. I have no idea what that will translate to in an open mile on a track. So it's useless information.

My first 1 mile on the track in Dec of 2008 was my slowest at 5:00.7. (I ran one a few weeks later because I knew I could break 5, and I did that in 4:54.6.) That first mile has been my only one over 5:00, and IF POSSIBLE I'd like to keep it that way. But I have no right to think that will be the case.

Awkward finish while hitting my watch at my first mile: 5:00.7.

Wish me luck! I have NO idea how this will go! Check my tweets on Monday night for live updates.

Monday I'll post my 2015 training totals, and I'll probably have my track meet race report on Wednesday. Happy weekend! GO VIKES!


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