Want to Run a FREE 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon With Me Next Month?

>> Monday, January 25, 2016

What are you doing on Saturday, February 20th? Want to run a 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon with me in Vadnais Heights? (That's suburb a few miles north of St. Paul.) Well I have good news. Tri Fitness in White Bear Lake wants me to give an entry away to their "Half Fast" Half Marathon/10K/5K.

I looked through my race calendar, and I think I've done 4 races that Tri Fitness has hosted: the Cinco "DU" Mayo Duathlon 3 times, and the "Fast Before the Feast" 10K on Thanksgiving morning once.

Running the "Fast Before the Feast" 10K with Henry a few years back.

Starting the final run at the 2015 Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon this past spring. LOVE this race.

Tri Fitness puts on great races, but their numbers are kinda small, so I'm helping to get the word out. They're not asking me to say anything specific - these are all my thoughts. They host well-run events and have sweet goodies: I posted this on Instagram after racing the Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon:

"Apparently, winning a Cinco 'Du' Mayo Duathlon earns you a goodie basket with
ingredients to make guac. #Awesome #CincoDu #RacePR"

So to help talk about their races, they gave me an entry into the "Half Fast" Half Marathon/10K/5K, and they're also giving me an entry to give away to one of you. This is what their website says about the "Half Fast" race:

Running. Outside. February. Minnesota?! You betcha dontcha know!

If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity (or maybe even the "excuse") to include those words in a single sentence - whether bragging to your friends, or...well, let’s just face it, is there any other reason to bring this up besides showing a little swagger? Here’s your chance!

Tri Fitness presents to you the "Half Fast Half Marathon!" Not only will you be able to truthfully use those words in a highly coveted sentence, but you’ll also receive an awesome shirt with the best catch-phrase around. When your friends ask what you did this weekend, proudly display your shirt and exclaim, "I ran Half Fast!"

I'm hoping to run the "Half Fast" Half Marathon in just over 3 weeks (not just the 5K or 10K). It sort of depends how my legs feel after this upcoming half marathon in 5 days - if I still feel pretty hashed, I might do one of the shorter races. (See my weekend post for my race goals.) I think 3 weeks is enough to recover from a half marathon, get in 1 or 2 long runs, and then rest up for another half marathon. Right?


To enter, simply comment on this blog post. It's that easy. Comment anything. "Hey Steve, it's Jane Doe from West St. Paul (which is east of St. Paul, so WHAT THE HELL?!). I would love to race the Half Fast 10K!" (Or 5K, or half marathon - you don't have to pick right now.) That works. Or maybe even: "Hey chicken legs, I want to race you and your dumb shorts." Technically, that comment would have you entered. (Although I'd kinda be rooting for you NOT to win, jerk.)

If you want to earn an EXTRA entry (totally optional - it just gets your name in the hat an extra time), "like" Tri Fitness on Facebook, and make sure you let me know that in your comment. So add something like "I liked TriFitessWBLs page, so put my name in the hat twice!"

I'll use random.org to pick a random winner from all the comments. If you commented that you "like" them on Facebook, I'll give you 2 numbers in the drawing to better your chances. (Say there are 20 comments and 10 of those say they liked Tri Fitness, then every comment gets a number [#1-20] and the Facebook likers get another number [#21-30] and then I pick a winner from 1-30.) I'll pick a winner sometime in the middle of next week (around the 3rd), so make sure to check back, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a Blogger or Google account because I might not be able to get a hold of you.

Pseudo-legal stuff:
- You may comment now on this post through Tuesday, Feb 2nd Wednesday, Feb 3rd around 2 pm.
- The winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator or by drawing numbers out of a hat.
- Check back to see if you won! Especially if you don't have a Google/Blogger account.
- If the winner does not contact me within 3 days after being announced, I'll be forced to draw a new winner. So check back and KEEP checking back in case the winner is lame!
- And as always, Tri Fitnes has not told me to say anything specific. These words are my own. They are just giving me an entry, and they are giving an entry to one of my lucky readers.

A final big THANKS to Tri Fitness White Bear Lake for the race entry! Check them out HERE, and like them on Facebook for an extra entry! Hope to race with you in under 4 weeks!

Comment NOW to be entered!


Jeff Vanis 9:30 AM, January 25, 2016  

Hey I am Jeff from Lakeville and Would you believe I have never run a 10k standalone race, so why not! I also liked on FB! Thanks Steve!

Joe 12:06 PM, January 25, 2016  

I'll take an entry since I really need to register for more races this year so I can get my fitness up.

Also: I liked TriFitessWBLs page, so put my name in the hat twice!

roughkat 1:14 PM, January 25, 2016  

Free races are a great price. Sign me up.

Erick 1:27 PM, January 25, 2016  

A nice early season race to get an understanding of my current pacing. I'm in!

Stephen 9:42 PM, January 25, 2016  

If you hit your goal time this weekend will you pace me in Feb?

Katie B 10:19 PM, January 25, 2016  

I'm a race addict in need of my next "fix"...I've been "sober" for 97 days, but I'm ready to run off the wagon :)

I also liked TriFitnessWBL on Facebook!

Lynne 9:11 AM, January 26, 2016  

Hi Steve - Half fast - I'm in. Great name. I think I should win since i have the same tri bike (well, that old gold one) as you. And I liked them on facebook - so 2 entries for me, pretty please.

Tap 9:30 AM, January 26, 2016  

I've been a fan of TriFitness for a long time. They put on great races! I liked there facebook page years ago, So I'll take 2 entries. :)

Robyn 10:38 AM, January 26, 2016  

Why run Half Fast when you can turn the other cheek? Pick me, I'll make bad puns for the whole 13.1 miles.

And I just "Liked" TriFitness, so put me in twice!

Unknown 4:56 PM, January 26, 2016  

Hey Steve, This is Sarah from Rochester. I <3 your blog and free races. Sign me up!

x2 for liking trifitness wbl please!

I've done their one last tri race twice now and it was fun and well organized both times.

Mitch Clayton,  4:44 PM, January 27, 2016  

Hey Steve its Mitch Clayton from Forest Lake! Love to do the 5k with you. St. Thomas isnt cheep so a free entry would be great!

Nick 7:36 PM, January 28, 2016  

This would be a great reason to do a long run or two.

Doc 8:29 PM, January 28, 2016  

Pick me! Pick me! Actually, pick me twice because I liked the facebook page! Pick me!

I could do a half that day.

Stephen 3:46 PM, February 01, 2016  

Me again, I had liked Tri Fitness on FB a long time ago and forgot about it.

Unknown 10:06 PM, February 02, 2016  

I WANT TO RACE!!!!! I'll be sure to like them on FB, too. Glad you remembered to post! :)

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