Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Bruised Butt

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If you're still reading, then here's what you came for:

My hand on the right is covering my crack. You're welcome.

Ten days ago, my wife was getting our 4-year-old out of the car, and I was carrying our 1-year-old. I slipped on some hard-packed snow that had turned to ice at the end of our driveway, and went down hard. My wife gasped because I was holding Charlie, but I kept him upright and safe throughout the fall. In fact, my wife laughed 2 seconds after I landed because Charlie was smiling. She said something like "he doesn't know he should have been scared!"

This past weekend (1 week after the fall), I walked past my wife as I was (tastefully) nude, and she noticed this bruise. She was sad and said "oh, we missed the yucky yellow stage." Too bad. And then she took this pic.

Half marathon on Saturday! I hope to post here shortly after the race (maybe during the boys' nap), but check my twitter and/or my instagram page for updates on Saturday morning!


Luis Fernando Oliveira 3:28 PM, January 27, 2016  

I'm betting this pict won't make to TV as the one of you covered in ice.

Barb,  4:39 PM, January 28, 2016  

Your wife rocks ;-).

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