Meet of the Miles Results (and more)

>> Thursday, January 17, 2013

- 4:56.6
- 25th out of 134 overall
- 23rd out of 53 "open males," AKA "under 40" (17th was under 18 too)
- 4th out of 11 in the 30-39 age group (there was no official AG for this)
- 14 of the 24 people who beat me were under 20

As my heat was lining up, race buddy George shouted down "HEY STEVE... SMILE!!" So I gave him a big cheesy grin:

Hiding in the back.

About to hit the line. (This doesn't look fast at all.)

Before the meet, there were a ton of people finishing up workouts. Among them were 2 local running celebrities from "Team USA Minnesota:" Meghan Peyton (PRs: sub-33:00 10K and 1:13 half marathon) and Heather Kampf (4:27 mile PR). I wanted to say hi, but I didn't want to be that geeky guy with a camera. Wait, did I just say that?!? I didn't want to be THAT guy? I'm ALWAYS THAT guy!! What got into me?!? Anyway, you may have seen Heather in this famous video (with the last name Dorniden):

Sweet Jesus. I never get sick of watching that.

Oh, and I talked to Ben Merchant regarding why he wasn't at the final race of the Grand Prix series last year! (If you remember, during the last race of the series last year, Ben just needed to show up and finish to take the series win away from me. But he didn't, so I won the 2012 "MDRA Grand Prix" series.) Without over-sharing a private conversation between Ben and I, Ben felt some pains after the TC Marathon and decided it was best to sit out for a while. He is SERIOUSLY a better man than I am!! (There's no doubt he's a better runner!) I would have ran myself into the ground if I was that close to talking the series, but Ben was smart and sat it out. We chatted about distance running, running these short hard track meets now-and-then, racing strategy, etc, etc. He's always great to chat with.

Anyway, that's it for now! Gonna try to get some distance work on these legs shortly...


SteveQ 10:11 AM, January 17, 2013  

I was stunned at Lance Elliot's 4:33 at age 42. Then I heard he ran 4:30 two days earlier!

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