Henry's 2012 Totals

>> Thursday, January 03, 2013

NOTE: Henry's taking over for the day and writing about HIS 2012 yearly totals. My blog is yours Henry...

Thanks turd brain Dad. So here's what I have on the books for 2012:

- Swim: 50 yards. This is just a guess. And I didn't really propel myself through the water. Momma and Daddy did most of the work. Here are 4 photos of me kinda swimming:

First time in a pool on New Years 2012.

My first swim lesson back in Feb.

Before my second swim lesson in March (with my cheesy Dad).

An OWS with Momma in Lake Mary, Alexandria.

- Bike: 23.11 miles. I went on my first bike ride with Dad back in April, but that was just for 1 measly mile.

Then in August, Mom, Dad, and I went for over 22 miles together:

I'm in the Chariot. And there's Momma!

My parents are so. Freakin. Boring.

22 miles later, Dad woke me up to take this photo. Ass hat.

Oh, I also hit the trainer with Momma for the first time last winter:

You WISH you were as aero as me.

- Run: around 600 miles. Yeah, I rocked it here! I logged exactly 511.10 miles with Dad, and probably around 100 with Mom (she's not as anal about tracking miles). I haven't ran as much lately with Mom, but I did a lot in the spring and early fall.

- Longest runs with Daddy: we did 17 runs of 10 miles or more, with THREE of those being runs of half-marathon length or longer: 13.57 miles on April 21st (1:33:07), 13.28 miles on Aug 10th (1:32:05), and 14.17 miles on Sept 23rd (1:43:14).

We did NOT set a "long run PR" this year because in Dec of 2011, Dad and I went 14.29 miles. Dad didn't know we'd gone 14.17 miles on a run in Sept of 2012 until he mapped it out afterwards - I bet he would have gone another 0.13 miles with me just to have set a PR had he known!

But we DID set a "farthest from home on a run PR" this year. Usually, Dad loops around by the river in case I wake up or need to get home quickly. (I can be a crab at times.) On that 14.17 mile run, we got 6.67 miles from home! Here's a post about that run from back in September. And here are 3 photos from that day:

Bundled up for a chilly morning run.

The fall colors on one of our FOUR trips across the Mississippi during that run.

With Momma after my run with Daddy. Momma had just ran 22 miles herself, so if
you add up the miles all 3 of us covered, you get 50.34 miles! That's our "daily family PR!"

- Races with Daddy: We did 2 races together this year: the Lake Johanna 4 Mile back in March, and the Fast Before the Feast 10K on Thanksgiving morning.

Asleep at mile 2 (see the marker?) of the 4 mile. I placed 7th.

Nearing the turn-around of the 10K. We caught those 2 guys in front of me to finish in 4th.

(Dad has some work to do because I ran 6 races with Momma in 2010 and 2011 ["with Momma" meaning "inside of Momma"].)

- Walk: 33 hours and 11 minutes with Dad, and just a bit with Momma.

So that's it for 2012. Honestly, I really DID like all the runs with Dad. Soon I'll be too big for the car seat, and we'll have to see if I still like running that far withOUT the cozy car seat (just sitting in the stroller).

Alright, bring it on 2013. Dad, I'm handing your blog back over to you....

Thanks for the year-in-review, Henry. Think we can out-do these numbers together in 2013?

No. Stop it. Stop asking. Go home.

Jeez Henry. OK. We'll treat 2013 like 2012 and just take it as it comes. I hope you still like running with me this year!

Oh, and I just took a video of Henry "helping" me with my core exercises. I'll be posting that in the next few days. Happy New Year, everyone!


it's all about pace 8:46 AM, January 03, 2013  

good job Henry!

now tell mom and dad to get to work filling that other seat in your bike trailer!

Iron Pol 9:08 AM, January 03, 2013  

Henry, why hasn't your dad bought you a tablet, yet? My two-year old suggests the Kindle Fire. Perfect for quick blog entries and playing games during those long runs.

Anonymous,  9:31 AM, January 03, 2013  

Your momma is one hot MILF. Your daddy is a lucky man

KellytheCulinarian 10:13 AM, January 03, 2013  

That Henry is quite the feisty little one. I love his expressions in the pool photos!

Priscilla 10:15 AM, January 03, 2013  

Henry must get his sassiness from you.

giraffy 11:33 AM, January 03, 2013  

Man, I don't normally like kids (besides my own), but Henry is one cut kiddo. Looks like he had a great year!

Shane Lapan 10:59 PM, January 09, 2013  

How adorable your son is. I love all the pictures in your post.

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