Minnesota Multisport Awards (and a good weekend of workouts)

>> Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL here in Minnesota. Pharmie hit the trainer for 2 hours while Henry took a nap, and I hit the road for a 25+ mile ride on a 55 degree day. (It climbed to nearly 70 before the end of the day!)

I rode through Crosby Farm (near 35E and River Road / Shepard Road) for the first time since they re-did the entrance a year or 2 ago. In fact, it may have been over 4 years since I've been down there. I snapped a few photos while riding through:

Around the pond.

Across the marshy boardwalk.

Near the west end of the park, right along the Mississippi (to the left).

That night, I headed to the "Minnesota Multisport Awards" at Gear West Bike and Triathlon. When I pulled up to Gear West, I LOVED the sign:

They had some good grub: normal snack and veggie platters, pork sandwiches, meatballs, and 2 kinds of wings!

I chatted with lots of new and old triathlon buddies, and soon we all filed into the next room for the awards:

Here is TEAM MINNESOTA 2012: the BEST multisport athletes of the year:

I'm proud to say that I beat one of those women and one of those men this year at the "kitten mile," a different woman last year at the "kitten mile," and one of the other men 2 years ago at my first "kitten mile." It's the ONLY TIME I'll finish a race faster than ANY of those awesome speedy folks above!

- CLICK HERE for the list of nominated athletes for the "Minnesota Multisport Awards."

- CLICK HERE for my pre-event predictions.

- CLICK HERE to see the list of winners and lots of photos from the "Minnesota Multisport Awards."

Then on Sunday, things cooled down. It was 39 degrees when we got up, and it was 32 degrees a few hours later when Henry and I headed out for a run. I got Henry all bundled up:

We did nearly 10 miles with the middle 4 in 6:16, 6:08, 6:17, and 6:24, and it was sleeting the whole time. When we got home, Henry was nice and comfortable and dry, but his stroller (and me) was covered in frozen sleet:

Again, CLICK HERE for my photos and the results from the "Minnesota Multisport Awards."

Back soon with a race entry giveaway for locals who want to race with Pharmie, Henry, and me!


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