Mavic Neutral Assistance Bike Team at Paris-Roubaix

>> Sunday, November 04, 2012

This video is 3 minutes of some crazy head-cam action from the Mavic support team at the famous Paris-Roubaix 258km (160 mile) bike race. This all looks a little too nuts.

That guy getting the wheel at the 2:28 mark? Wowza.

If someone flats in a race like that, can't they just ride like this until they finish?....


Bill 4:31 PM, November 04, 2012  

Steve - you've got to get over here and ride that course. After that, anything on the bike will seem easy. Well, except for the stuff that Danny MacAskill does. But for what us mere mortals do, it's eye opening, to say the least.

Steve Stenzel 7:17 PM, November 04, 2012  

Bill, can I crash at your place? :) I'd LOVE to ride it!

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